Dipper Weehakeewoohoo

Jack Layton seems to believe that the financial meltdown south of the border was caused by Conservatives allowing the greedy rich to do whatever they want with other people's money:
"We've seen on Wall Street this week what happens when the rich and powerful are allowed to do whatever they want with other people's money."

Can someone please clarify to me - what money has the business class of the United States stolen from the rest of Americans? That comment "other people's money" implies theft on a massive scale. I don't understand why no one in the media would think about asking for clarification on that comment.

As far as I'm concerned the only REAL theft I can see is in the platform of the NDP: Massive corporate tax increases that can only lead to less jobs as companies flee elsewhere. Small businesses everywhere can expect no relief under the NDP. And expect manufacturing jobs in Ontario to continue their export elsewhere. In addition I'm expecting prices to rise as businesses try to cope with increasing taxes.

A $400 a month family allowance, affordable housing, and an energy efficient home isn't going to mean beans all if you don't have a job to begin with.

Dion: Go Suck A Lemon

Dion had this whopper to say today:
"Never has a government spent so much to destroy a person and his policies as Harper has towards me..."

Here's is one quote that might jog his memory a bit of an election a long time ago:
"Their supporters are Holocaust deniers, prominent bigots and racists..." -Liberal cabinet minister Elinor Caplan

That's all I'm going to say.

All Hail Danny

Small Dead Animals just compared Danny Williams to Zimbabwe's Mugage:
"Well, perhaps that's unfair. We haven't yet seen rampaging gangs of PC'ers raping and pillaging political opponents."

Ok maybe he hasn't reached Robert Mugage proportions - but with these news reports coming out of Newfoundland I would say the words "Friendly Dictator" definitely apply.


Elections are funny things. They sometimes lead to spectacular stories like this one:
"The Conservative Leader said it appeared to him that oil companies were guilty of price-gouging, an accusation echoed by his Liberal and NDP counterparts, St├ęphane Dion and Jack Layton."
What's this? Businesses in collusion? The Free-market has broken down and only government can interfere!

Rabid lefties everywhere must be eating this up - it came from self professed Libertarian Stephen Harper.

But wait - this doesn't add up. Somehow my cleaverly fine tuned 6th sense of media stupidity or "Damn Radar" seemed to go off.

This is how another source described Harper's comments on gas gouging:
Conservative Leader Stephen Harper said in Halifax it appeared retailers were using the shutdown of refineries as a pretext to gouge consumers. Harper said his government could not make policies in response to the daily fluctuations in gas prices, although he hinted that he will have a policy announcement that addresses the price of gasoline later in the campaign.
"We are prepared to take steps," Harper said.
Wow. Not only did he say that consumers were getting gouged, but that they were using the excuse of refineries getting shut down as an excuse. You'd think that a sudden reduction in North American supply would seem like a reasonable excuse to a noted Economist Libertarian from Alberta no less.

So I still wasn't convinced.

Let's see what the Red Star had to say:
Asked point-blank whether he thought soaring costs at the pump were price gouging, Harper responded, "It certainly appears that way to me.
"I've learned not to make policy on a day-to-day basis," he said. "We will be making some announcements on this issue a little later."
Wait. No mention of how he thought the shutdown of refineries was just an excuse. And what's better this actual quoted response seems more vague that we were first led to believe.

It's certainly different for someone to say it "appeared" to be the case that gas companies or gas retailers are gouging consumers rather than saying they "did" gouge consumers.

Is it possible that the Red Star actually got this story right? (Gulp!)

The high quality level of journalism in Canada is staggering.

PS - If supply reduces just what do people expect gas retailers to do? Sell more?