Why doesn't this surprise me? What did Andrew Mills hide in a plant pot somewhere to eavesdrop?
"It's a huge slap in the face to young people," said David Burnie, a 22-year-old who has been a member of the Progressive Conservative party for five years. "I once was dedicated to the Conservatives — not any more."

No what was a slap in the face was that all the options put forward for any youth wing included delegate quotas for conventions... And here I thought Conservatives didn't believe in quotas, silly me.
"The Conservative Party of Canada has just denied you a voice," it reads. "Do not despair. You can join a party that allows you the right to BE HEARD."

Sure they'll listen, they'll promise to make it better, and then they'll get elected and just to make it full circle they'll forget about ya and break those promises in the first place. To each his own.
On Saturday afternoon, in a quiet hallway at the Conservative policy convention in Montreal, a swift and nasty row broke out when a small group of young Tories, who supported the party's decision, tried to break up a larger, angrier group trying to create a defiant youth wing.

Where did this happen? I must've been living in lala land while this was going on.
The verbal fight — barely noticed but out in the open — was a sign that, at least for those who will one day inherit this still fractious party, the convention designed to mend those fractures didn't work.

What a putts. Just 'cause you say it, don't make it true. I admit to being dissapointed on some matters coming out the convention. I don't understand why some things were done, but it was nothing serious. It's like this stuff is almost borderline Soviet propaganda.
Young members won't become powerful political pawns, advocates who shape the party's agenda and voting blocs just waiting to be mobilized by crafty candidates trying to get elected by the party.

Hunh? Isn't that a good thing? I would think that I wouldn't want to be a powerful political pawn. I would want to be a full and equal member of the party.

As for a voting bloc? What are we a union?!!! Sorry I don't want to be pawn. Something tells me that I like having a mind of my own.

Young Tories want to know why they lost the vote on a youth wing? Because young party members like me weren't convinced. Convince me that a quota system is good and being told to go play in my own sandbox is a nice thing. It's either that, or you actually propose a youth wing that doesn't include those elements and I'll vote for it.

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