High Gas Prices Are Good...

And I'm sick and tired of people complaining.

Prices go up, usually because supply has decreased or because future supply is in doubt.

Guess what happens if oil companies don't raise prices?

Fuel shortages.

So there's your choice. Either you keep your gas prices at your convenient prices and you face the possibility of going to your local gas station only to find there is no fuel for you, or you suck it up and pay...

There is no secret conspiracy by the "evil" oil conglomerate. Most people that work at oil companies are normal everyday people...

The only conspiracy in the oil industry is on openly known one.

It goes by the name "OPEC."

Let the hate mail come.

Shuttling Away From Problems...

No one likes a delay:
'CAPE CANAVERAL -- NASA managers said Friday that there will be no more major safety changes to the space shuttle's external fuel tank until after the next planned launch in July.

'The decision follows a debate among engineers on whether to modify so-called ice-frost ramps on the tank's exterior before Discovery's upcoming flight. The small ramps are crafted from foam insulation that is sprayed by hand on the tank's exterior to prevent the buildup of ice.

There's two distinct possibilities to this whole situation. Either this "debate" has more to do with worry wart engineers trying to 'CYA.' Or, Nasa managers have made a decision that could be putting the lives of Astronauts in danger.

Only time will tell.

"We are not making this up..."

'Each Go Train car has one of those electronic advertising signs which usually urge you to buy tickets to some or other event.

'But this time the sign had a definite political message.

'It kept repeating the phrase: “Stephen Harper Eats Babies” over and over again throughout my entire ride home.'

Time to pull funding away from transit in Toronto me-thinks...

Bla, Bla, Bla... Media Bias...

Courtesy of the Dope and Mail:
"The Conservatives have said they will pay for their 1-per-cent GST cut by raising the lowest income tax rate to 16 per cent from 15 per cent."

It interesting how a Liberal promise to cut a tax rate preceding the last election, has turned into a full fledged tax cut overnight. Never once did any Tory talk about hiking taxes. They just said they weren't going to honour any of the pre-election spending orgy announcements the Liberals made prior to the election.

They can say whatever the heck they want to... All I hear is "Media Bias..."

Condoms, condoms, condoms...

I just watched an ad. It was the first ad I have ever seen of its kind.

It was an ad on something called "HPV" - or the Human Papilloma Virus.

It's the #1 STD out there.... You heard right, not AIDs or any other STD.

The ad encourages people to get tested. Not once is it ever mentioned that it is a sexually transmitted disease... Or that condoms do nothing to prevent it's transmission.

Don't believe me? Let's ask the CDC:
"At least 50 percent of sexually active men and women acquire genital HPV infection at some point in their lives...
"...HPV infection can occur in both male and female genital areas that are covered or protected by a latex condom, as well as in areas that are not covered. While the effect of condoms in preventing HPV infection is unknown, condom use has been associated with a lower rate of cervical cancer, an HPV-associated disease."

These ads won't tell anyone these facts. But if the statistics hold out, this generation that is the most sexually active ever, will almost certainly see a dramatic rise in degenerating health effects to do STDs.

I find it slightly unerving that the CDC would still decide to mention that a decrease in cervical cancer is associated with increased condom usage. You see HPV can cause cervical cancer in women. A study showing a decrease in cervical cancer rates with condom usage does nothing to change the simple fact of what they said before: condomns don't provide a magical boundary to HPV. The security of condoms that is always advertised is a lie.

Let's see people explain that one away.

The Clown Show Files VI

Rae days in the Liberal leadership Clown Show are here to stay:

"TORONTO - Less than a month after joining the Liberal party, Bob Rae launched his campaign to succeed Paul Martin yesterday..."

"The 57-year-old Toronto lawyer said he parted ways with the NDP a decade ago and has been attracted to the Liberal party because 'it builds on hope, not fear.' "

My Item by Item response is as follows:
A) The very name Bob Rae causes pangs of fear
B) The Liberal Party doesn't "build on hope." It scaremongers about "scary" Stephen Harper, and how he will bring us into deficit, bring Canada into Iraq, jail homosexuals, is in cahoots with alien flesh mutants and eats babies.
C)I'm not sure if Bob left the socialist NDP, or if it was more of a "mutual" divorce.
D)He's definitely not part of that "generational change" stuff Martin used to buzz about.
E)He was an Ontario Premier. Good luck to him on that.
" ...'I made mistakes' when the NDP were in power 1990-95 and chalked up deficits. 'I can only tell you I've learned from those mistakes and I am the wiser for them...' "

Apparently not wise enough having joined the Fiberal Party of Canada.
"...'I want to say here that Jean Chretien was right about Canada and Iraq -- not because he was following public opinion, but because he thought the invasion was ill-advised and contrary to international law,' Mr. Rae said, arousing applause..."

The first bonafide leadership attack of the campaign... Well they're might have been others. But this seems like a pretty big slap in the face to Ignatieff... Is it possible that the Rae team see's this race as a show down between them and Ignatieff?

Now that's a scary thought.

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The Clown Show Files V

Brison's in the Liberal leadership clown show... Well I guess they have their designated power hungry mad man for this leadership race... Or would that be Joe Volpe?
"In 1954, Pierre Trudeau was at CCF or NDP meetings. In 1968, he was the Liberal prime minister of Canada... The fact is, I chose the Liberal party based on my values. I believe in social progress and I believe in economic opportunity."

And I guess the fact that you lost a leadership race had nothing to do with it... Or the fact that you became an instant Public Works Minister wouldn't have been an inticement at all... That's like saying Emerson's a dedicaded Tory.
"Some candidates are talking about being centre-left, some are talking about uniting the left. I think that is 1960s ideologically rigid babble. And it doesn't serve Canadians well for us to be stuck in the 1960s."

Ouch... Take that Bob Rae, Gerard Kennedy and anyone that has any real "liberal" values or principles at all... Hey I don't agree with the rabid lefties in the Liberal Party - but at least they STAND FOR SOMETHING.
"Younger Canadians believe in creating greater levels of economic opportunity but, at the same time, they want to have a cleaner environment..."

Translation: I'm young, I know what the kids want... Ahum!- they want me.
" 'I'm not running to position myself, I'm running to position the Liberal party,' he remarks. Several MPs and senators are supporting him, he said, but he did not name them."

Translation: Lots of people support me... I just can't talk about them.

I'll give Brison credit on one thing: he's sticking to his economic conservative values he had in the Tories. We'll see how they sell in this renewed Left-Liberal party.

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The Clown Show Files

My Girlfriend is Awesome....

I know this is going to seem weird... but I've pretty much already done everything to make a fool out of myself on this blog so I figure I might as well do it again...

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Thank you, and goodnight.

PS. Don't ask why, just accept.

Space Needles

Scientists want to suck some blood:
"Taking blood from arteries can be crucial in diagnosing problems in health emergencies – but doing so in the microgravity of space is tricky and potentially dangerous."

"Now researchers have come up with a potential solution - a thumb-sized gadget that collects a sample from the earlobe."

What a marvelous Engineering feat... However Also Canadian suggests that a solution already existed to this dire problemo:

All that money wasted when we could've used the good ol' light saber. Or better yet they could've used that needle on a ball robot Vader used against Princess Lea... Or even Qui-Gon's metaclorite reading thingamagigk...

Foam Tests Gone Wrong

Why do I get the feeling that being in this foam test would have been really cool and fun all at the same time? Is there something wrong with me? Do I have a problem?

Why would I want something so ridiculous? Why? Why? Why?...

All I can think of is swimming in a see of foam... There's no rhyme or reason for it. For whatever reason it just seems like the thing to do.

Ok, enough procrastinating - back to packing.

h/t to my girlfriend... She's awesome!

Canucks are not Mexicans...

Right Girl posts on the apparent Canuckian double standard courtesy of our Yankee friends to the south:
"So it's okay to wander into the United States if you are an undocumented, un-educated, non-english-speaking Mexican, and you can bring your wife and 9 hungry children, too. You can apply to be a citizen, you can live off the taxpayer's dime, have your healthcare paid for, have your kids' education provided, and then you can stomp all over the American flag and hold up banners with Che Guevara's face on them.

"But I need a special idenity card to visit America?

"Mr. President, Mr. Chertoff, and Dr. Rice: Can I ask you to look once more to the North? Can I ask you to to consider RightGirl, who works hard, thrills to the idea of shopping around for health insurance, always pays her taxes, supports the economy by eating out at least twice a week (lunches not included), actually knows all the words to the Star Spangled Banner, and supports the troops via Soldier's Angels and Angels'n'Camouflage? Don't I sound like a better investment? I'll even play by the rules to get in."

I've never understood the problem many of my American friends to the south have with driven immigrants coming to their country to take menial jobs that no one else wants anyways? Especially when many of the immigrants tend to be socially conservative, you'd figure the Republicans would find easy friends with Mexican border crossers in particular.

That being said, Canucks are not illegal border crossers. I really don't understand why Canadians are such a threat that we need an ID card to cross the largest undefended border in the world... Any Yanks like to explain this to me?

h/t Relapsed Catholic

It's Over...

I feel I need to give an explanation for the rare frequency of posting for the few confused, and poor souls that meander to this corner of the web.

See that up there? It's an Iron Ring. Canadian Engineers wear it. I've worn one since I underwent the "Ritual Calling of The Engineer..."

Although we hadn't graduated at that point, me and my fellow Engineering students underwent one of the few quintessential Canadian traditions not forgotten or abandoned...

For Engineers, we take an obligation on Solid Iron... In our "Calling as an Engineer..."

For most of my fellow classmates I bet the importance of those words are lost on them, but for me they hit a cord. We were told, comically enough, that if we failed we were to send back the ring to the Iron Ring Society. Besides the perpetual fear I had afterwards of failing and loosing that ring, it was just as "spiritually and morally edifying" as they come.

In any event, after over 4 years in school I finally am graduating. I'm finally an Engineer.

My last exam was today. And although I'm not one to count my chickens before they're hatched, I think it's safe to say that I will be attending convocation in June of this year.

So the posting should be regular again... If not it's for another reason than school.

A Glimpse of What is to come?

Everyone has their pet "going to Mars" Mars scheme. This one though seems to be closer to reality than most.

Make Work Project?

I don't know if this is a make work project courtesy NASA, though it sounds an awful lot like it:
NASA has teamed up with two universities to study ways to reduce the adverse effects of space travel has on astronauts' physical health.

And what about all the years and years of data that we already have examining just that? What else can we learn?

Bupkis as far as I can tell. And if that's true, this is just a welfare for scientists. But If I'm wrong someone please correct me.

Why do I get the feeling that I went to the wrong school?

The New Barbarians...

I remember reading history many times over about the collapse of the Roman empire and the influence of the so-called "barbarian hordes" that eventually took over Rome and destroyed the empire. The barbarians we're uncivilized zealot thugs, with a penchant for violence and stupidity. They would do nothing but fight and drink - or so I was told in History classes.

Then I learned some things that made me question that view.

The problem I had, is I learned that the take over was really much more of a hand over. Romans had become lazy. They had no values or sense of self reliance or control. They had no loyalty or many virtues to talk about at all. In consequence, eventually it was the barbarians that made up the most of the military. The take over had more to do with the weaknesses of a corrupt lazy Empire than anything else.

Even some early Christians remarked that the Barbarians seemed to have more Christian virtues than the Romans did... That might explain the spectacular success early Christianity had at converting boat loads at them... But that's another story.

Who are the new uncivilized Barbarians? Apparently Conservatives:
"Canada is too civilized and precious to be messed up [by Conservatives]." - Robin Williams

Liberals and Left wingers have even today taken to calling themselves "progressive." In other words Conservatives are then backwards, regressive, uncivilized folk.

Just a warning to those civilized priviledged few: The Barbarians eventually inherited Europe.

The Trouble With Sensors IV

Apparently now NASA managers are considering a fueling test to determine if their fix of the ECO sensors actually - er - um - worked:
CAPE CANAVERAL - NASA is mapping out plans to test shuttle Discovery's external tank at its Kennedy Space Center launch pad, but a final decision on whether to proceed with the fuel-loading operation still is pending.
Among other things, the test – which would take place about June 1 – would enable engineers to determine whether four new liquid hydrogen fuel-depletion sensors in the tank are working properly.

Kyle Herring, a spokesman for NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston, said engineers have been asked to draw up plans for a test, but managers still have not made a final decision on whether to carry it out.

Apparently NASA may need a fueling test to actually see if the ever problematic ECO sensors actually are working...I guess the other times engineers asked for a fueling test to do the same thing and were denied and told that it wasn't necessary to determine if they do in fact work, they were just "kidding around."

Well no one is laughing. Stop stalling and do the darn test already.

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Clown Show Files IV

What is it with Gerard Kennedy's hand actions?...

Watching him on TV, it's like he's trying to look like an egghead. I don't know how to describe it but I just can't help but be annoyed by his prissy looking "hand under chin maneuver." I kept on screaming in my mind: "You're standing up!... Get your hand out from under you chin!"

It's just not natural. It has this air of superiority - like he's better or smarter than everyone else. That's not good, for a party that was brought down in the last election by being painted as the "Starbucks Party." And as we all know Tim Hortons always beats that big city monstrocity.

Kennedy, as well as other Liberal leaders, you'd figure would be paying attention to that "arrogance" perception.

Kennedy should drop the weird hand actions.

Am I insane with that impression?


The Clown Show that is the Liberal Party leadership race rolled into Alberta yesterday.

There is ample room for growth you could say for the party that is now third in that province, behind the NDP... Can anyone tell me why Rae is waiting so long to announce his candidacy? This is starting to get ridiculous. I realize they want to announce at the right time - but he needs to make up his mind already. Now he's starting to re-assure people that he's in the race, but just not "in" the race... Whatever.

The only other notable thing is that Kennedy blabbed on his "enterprise" In Liberalism value... Whatever that means. He hasn't even defined it. Maybe it should be a charter right - we don't know. It's "enterprise" that's all we need to know apparently. Now enterprising Alberta rednecks flock to me!

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The Mother Of All Booboos

SpaceX's maiden flight of it's Falcon I rocket is believed to have been brought down by a "Processing Error..."

Apparently someone forgot to re-tighten a hose fitting. Well that guy must feel like the lowest of the low right now. Years of work, hours and hours of labour, peoples livelyhoods on the line, and you lowly technician screwed the pooch for us all.

I hear no mention in the article of Munsk firing the poor shmuck. If he hasn't - good on him. Humans are imperfect and tend to err. Firing one guy over an easily done mistake won't change a thing except decrease SpaceX morale.

Plus, I bet this guy will be a hose fitting Nazi come the next launch... Always need a couple of those guy's running around in any Engineering project.

Clown Show Files III


The Stronach is out of the Clown Show apparently:
"I'm announcing today that I will not seek the leadership of the Liberal Party of Canada," Stronach told a news conference in Ottawa. "This is not the end of the story for me. I'd say it's the beginning."

Sounds like she's starting to believe her own propaganda. Oh well, the clown show won't be the same without ya Lady! I was expecting voting irregularities, and some magically appearing members in Quebec that have never heard of you... Oh wait that was another leadership race.

"In order to really restore trust in politicians, every day citizens need to feel that they are involved directly and have a say. That includes members of the Liberal Party," said Stronach.

"And I would rather see a Liberal Party with millions of members where each and every individual has a direct vote."

I see Belinda has become a populist. Bully for her.

Truth is, I can't say I believe her. I think she's just upset because the Party Without Principle didn't (or wouldn't?) make it as easy as she needed it for her to recruit new memberships.

A good point to bring up here, is that although Paul Martin's team was a bunch of power hungry mad lunatics when they froze the membership of the Liberal Party and made it impossible for any contender to bring new members in, they did have one good consequence for the Party Without Principle: now no new members will be let in.

It's a travesty in politics, when members are signed up for leadership races and then they magicaly disappear afterwards. The regular attendance at AGM's and party conventions are the real members of said Party. They should be the ones that decide.

I wouldn't suggest for the Tories to go the draconian way of the Party With No Principle. But maybe a rule that says that members must be members in good standing for at least a year in order to vote in a leadership race is in good order.

That would certainly put a dent in the Stronachs out there that have more money than Amsterdam.


Former Liberal Premier David Peterson is obviously not a fan of the Clown Show's Rae Days:
"It's a dilemma for a tremendous number of people in the party," Peterson told The Canadian Press.

"Here's a guy, a lot of people went to war with him and now he wants to lead the army without even enlisting."

A hint of bitterness perhaps at Peterson having lost to the Bob Rae express? Sure he's a turncoat, but he's a most of the time lefty turncoat... I guess he was too lefty for Peterson.
"One is his record and one is his loyalty."

I seem to remember that the Liberals were in Cahoots with Rae in his socialist government that lead to that infamous destructive record.

As to his loyalty, I'm wondering where he was when people were talking about Keith Martin, Scott Brion, Ujal Dsosdjflsndwhatever, and who can forget the Belindanator.
"It's so obvious. Everybody's talking about it . . . It's a helluva high hill to climb."

Party politics "is tribal and it's primordial and it's based on trust and affection and shared experiences," Peterson observed.

Apparently, it's not based on "policy" or on "principle" but on some sort of weird primordial caveman ritual that only Peterson understands I guess. Part of politics is bunting heads I know. But surely there's a place for policy? I've always wondered about that with the Liberals. In the Conservative Party there are clearly identifiable factions. There are So-Cons, Libertarians, Populists, Red Tories, Neo-Cons, etc. etc.

What factions do the Liberals have? Martinites and Chretienites. Both camps leaders are now dead, so I guess the party has become some sort of shapeless mold just waiting for an Ignatieff to make it in his own image.

"Some people would say you just can't pick the cherries off the top."

I guess if Bob Rae runs and wins, his theory will be proven wrong.

On that score, he acknowledged that lack of history in the party will hurt two other prospective leadership candidates — Belinda Stronach and Scott Brison, both relatively recent defectors from the Tories.

"It does absolutely (hurt) but it doesn't hurt them as much because the sense is they've been sanitized at least by (running for the Liberals in) one election."



(After laughter subsides five minutes Later)... I guess that's one word to describe it!

Enlightened Utterings From the Clown Show Files
The Clown Show Files

SSM Vote: Not Yet, Not soon...

Apparently there won't be a vote on revisiting the same sex marriage issue in parliament until the fall.

Likely, there won't be one at all in this session of parliament if you ask me.

Harper and his advisors can count. Apparently, Trad Marriage groups can't. The last federal election showed virtually no change in the number of anti-SSM MP's vs pro. It works out to 150 yay vs 130 nay on gay marriage no matter how you look at it.

Now of course the last time around the Liberal Cabinet was forced to vote 'yay'... But how many of them would have really changed their votes otherwise? The Trad Marriage movement needs at least 10 for a 140/140 tie... Actually they would need more than 10. And I'm not convinced it would go that way.

Neither, I would think, is Harper or his advisors. If I had to gander a guess at all this, I think they might be stalling on purpose. They might be hoping to delay until things clear up for the prospect of a majority.

Another election would give the Trad Marriage movement another opportunity to actually make the gains it needs to defeat SSM.

Maybe Harper is planning the opposite - in the end it's all theory. But either way, there's no way SSM will be defeated with the mix of parliament that we have today.

All Hail Pianka!

Dr Pianka slams back at his detractors today:
"I don't bear any ill will towards anybody," [...]

But many bear ill will towards this soft spoken University of Texas ecologist.

"I got a really great death threat," Pianka said.

He's getting death threats such as threatening the slaughter of his family after recent speeches pushing for population control.
Pianka says he would never advocate genocide or extermination like some suggest he does.

"I've got two granddaughters, man. I'm putting money in a college fund for my granddaughters. I'm worried about them," Pianka said.

He said he believes criticism of his theory about an inevitable plague on mankind comes from a rival jealous about his distinguished scientist award from the Texas Academy of Science.

"He's an avowed enemy, and he's made this very clear that he's going to get me and take me down," Pianka said.

Funny, that his "rivals" not only confirm the comments, but also a supporter does as well.

So scientific rivalry, or true doomsday insanity? My thinking is the latter. Because, quite frankly, comments like these don't seem that unthinkable to be utterable by the "modern" scientific community that seems at times to place more value on vegetables and monkeys than they do on human life.

I may be wrong, but thanks to conveniently shut off cameras at the speech, we will never know for sure.

When Maniacs Speak

Not much time to blog... But this I just hadda post about:
"We've made wild animals very valuable and humans very cheap."

Ya sure it starts out good... But then you find out... Well read on.

Dr. Pianka was named the 2006 Distinguished Scientist by the Texas Academy of Science.
While what he had to say is way too vast to remember it all, moreover to relay it here in this blog, the bulk of his talk was that he's waiting for the virus that will eventually arise and kill off 90% of human population... He's a radical thinker, that one! I mean, he's basically advocating for the death of all but 10% of the current population! And at the risk of sounding just as radical, I think he's right.

Ya. Sure.

I remember another person that advocated something similar. I'm thinking saying "Hail Pianka" isn't that far behind.

To extreme to make that comparison? Read on.
My grandparents, who I love dearly and am so incredibly thankful to know, are honestly being kept alive only through the technology that we have created via medicine. The same goes for the millions of other old folk alive and kicking and will continue to do so for another 5-10 years, using up more resources.

Those horrible old people. Doing their living and stuff.

Or think of all the babies being born every hour with abnormalities that 50 years ago would have kept them from living.

That's about the breaking point for me. Those babies with "abnormalities" have just as much a right to live as anyone else. They may not be deemed "perfect" or "ecologically sound" to this enlightened utterer, but medicine has allowed them the ability to live so why shouldn't they be allowed to LIVE?

Now, those lives can be saved, and we pat ourselves on the backs at how smart and charitable we are as a species that we can create and sustain life. For those against cloning, etc because it's "playing God," how is this any different??

Let me see... People are against cloning because they figure we are tampering with stuff we don't understand. And here people are suggesting we tamper with human population levels - which of course we completely and totally and unconditionally understand... We're like little gods that way I guess eh? That's a stinking load of horse manure.
Life has a built-in mechanism that keeps species from becoming too overpopulated, and it wasn't until humans started messing with the system that it went out of whack.

Ya it's called Death. God controls it. So don't try to yourself thank you very much.
...Dr. Pianka made a very profound comment during his presentation; he said that China has the right idea by limiting reproduction at 1...

And there he lauds the policy known for being the cause of countless abortions and the infanticide of how many babies?
A virus is probably the fairest method of extermination (though still not completely fair, I admit) because it's nondiscriminatory as to whom it targets. Rich, poor, black, white, brown, nice, mean, religious, agnostic - we'd all be targeted equally.

Well atleast he wants to kill us all equally - I guess.
An insightful observation was made during the talk that education should be the key to learning how to take care of the Earth, but the problem is that the educated have fewer children and the uneducated have many children. So eventually, the uneducated will take over the Earth. It may have already happened.

The "uneducated"? Let me tell you something about those "uneducated" "barbarians." The Barbarians once overtook an old empire before... Let me see if I remember, there was a place called Rome once. And the "uneducated" took over before.

The one problem all these guys make is this: we aren't all replacing ourselves. In western society, birth rates are plummeting. Immigration is their only source of population growth. Sounds like a natural way populations are managing themselves... Who would have figured?

Oh and I find it surprising no one thought about one possible solution to this population problem he's describing... It's one that I find ironic considering the title of his blog...
"Earth that was could no longer sustain our numbers, we were so many. We found a new solar system, dozens of planets and hundreds of moons. Each one terra-formed a process taking decades, to support human life, to be new earths...."(Serenity Movie, 2005)

Colonization? Hey atleast my solution doesn't involve the suicidal killing of 90% of the population!

Hurrah for Alberta!

Apparently Klein is dismayed that Tories in Alberta aren't so confident:
'"He was shocked and, I daresay, a little hurt," Marisa Etmanski, Premier Klein's spokeswoman, said about his reaction to a secret-ballot vote that showed he had only received 55 per cent support for his leadership from Progressive Conservative party delegates.'

I was hurt when Ralph Klein said that Stephen Harper had no chance of winning. I was hurt when Ralph Klein mused about Two-Tiered Healthcare a week before a federal vote. I'm not hurt over this.

Finally reality has hit Klein. You can't do things like he has done without there being consequences. He either was incompetent, or he was sabotaging Harper's leadership. I don't know how much of a factor these facts were in this vote, but I refuse to believe it didn't play a small factor.

RIP Ralph Klein's political career.