Abortion A Human Right

If Bush wasn't in office I would expect that Abortion would have been declared a human right by now.

If that were to happen, I think it's obvious publicly funded abortions would start to become the norm over the next decade.

I wonder how pro-abortion advocates expect pro-life people to live - literally live in a world where they are forced to support abortion regardless of their own beliefs.

That would be a sad sad day.

Canadians Don't Believe Chretien

Apparently a majority of Canadians don't believe Martin or Chretien's testimonies. If Williams is right then that confirms one theory about why Paul Martin called the election early instead of waiting for the fall. He was afraid of what would come out of this inquiry.

Though I have to admit to being disappointed thus far. The Gomery commission has revealed nothing we didn't know already. When Chretien and Martin made appearances the commission seemed almost to turn into a propaganda push for the Liberal party. Not that I didn't expect that, but I did expect some of the inquiries lawyers to come out swinging on the behalf the Canadians they swindled in the first place.

I desperately hope Williams is right, and that they will peal back the layers of secrecy and find out where exactly the money went to. I hope we'll get justice once and for all.

Them's Fighting Words...

Things just feel great when Liberals fight with each other.
Mr. Cauchon and Mr. Coderre say they support the Liberal party's tradition of alternating between anglophones and francophones but say it is unclear how the current Prime Minister should be characterized.

That's just a pleasant way of saying that no one can nail Martin down on what and who exactly he is. It's a little funny that the Liberals spend so much time worrying over something so ridiculous. Pretty much since confederation the Liberals have had a tradition of alternating between francophone and anglophone leaders. The question is Martin, an MP from Quebec, who's father was an MP from Windsor Ontario, an anglophone or a francophone?

Why does any of this matter? Because in Liberal land we need linguistic equality in this country. Never mind about whether the guy is really a competent leader that deserves the post. Liberals care more about enforcing equality no matter if it means electing a nicum-poop. A person's credentials has always been last on the list for the Liberal Party.

After all that's how this country got Paul Martin.

Hey who cares anyway? Let the Liberals rip each other apart. The country will be better for it.

Controlling the Cannons...

Apparently Canada has a "fledging" space program more than eager to participate in BMD.

"This is all so typically very Canadian," added Mr. Rudd, executive director of the Canadian Institute of Strategic Studies.

"We want to be in the tent, but at the same time stay virginal."

It is hie-larious that these boneheads in the Liberal party don't even want to be at the table when decisions are being made above Canadian airspace. This has to do with defense of the North American continent - you'd think that would interest the government of Canada. The truth is that if McKenna hadn't flown off the handle a week ago and talked about how Canada was already participating in missile defense, Martin would have eventually signed on when the time was more - let's say - politically expedient? Instead he had to come out against it to put out a fire that would have turned into an explosion at the next Liberal convention.

What we should be thinking about is how we can participate more in missile defense. If we don't want to loose completely our sovereignty as a nation we have to think about how we can buy this technology off the Americans and install a limited BMD system under our own control at home on Canadian soil. It wouldn't be much, maybe a couple missiles that could be used in tandem with a couple of monitoring satellites in Geosynchronous orbit. At least then it would be a made-in-Canada BMD system, and we would gain more respect from the US. Otherwise it's the US and only the US that has control of the airspace of the North American Continent.

If we don't control the cannons defending the fort, how do we expect to have any say at all, any respect, or any presence? Lucky for us the US wants to give a seat at the table. We could be sitting beside someone a lot less friendly.

LaFleur's Gravy Train

Reading about Jean Lafleur's 15 million dollar pay day, this morning, I wondered how much money Lafleur donated to the Liberal party.

So I did a little research from the good ol' folks at Elections Canada.

I don't know if "Jean H. Lafleur" is the same as "Jean Lafleur," but it doesn't really matter. He must be one or both of these guys. It's obvious he knew what his gravy train depended on.

I think I've gone through all the stages of acceptance for AdScam. At first I went through denial, not really believing it was as bad as everyone was saying it was. Then we found out it was worse. Then came anger. Sooner or later I started to fear the Liberals like a dissident fears a dictator. I even whent through a period of grief...

I think I'm honestly at that point where nothing that comes out AdScam surprises me anymore.

WARNING: You face the risk of injury or death by getting up out of bed this morning...

This would be hillarious if it weren't true. There is a private members bill warning people of the side effects of alcohol.

I've said time and time again that we live in a culture today that is obsessed with safety. People have to take risks everyday of their lives. Life is nothing but risk. You can get out of your bed in the morning and be as safety conscious as you want, and still get run over by a car crossing the street.

We're mortal. Someone else has control over our time of death. Suck it up and get over it.

What's worse is when governments start to say, in the case of space tourism, that we aren't allowed to take risks. They look at all these rocket barnstormers and worry about them blowing each other up. The awnser: regulation and some more regulation.

It's also a pervasive problem in aerospace. But that's another post.

Consult us before you shoot it down, eh....

Paul Martin is worthy of a Comedic Award over this one.

How do they expect to consult with Canada, if they aren't sitting at the table? This is ridiculous. Either we participate or we don't.

Here's a little lesson in warfare: The guy with the bigger gun that can shoot farther wins. For years the territory that governments control over the Earth's ocean's has depended primarily on how far land based cannons can fire. The same can be said for airspace. It's the person that can shoot the highest that controls it.

The US doesn't have to consult with anyone. So long as it has the capability to shoot down a missile over Canada - it will. If Paul Martin is so stubborn that he can't cooperate with common sense then it's his problem.

Does anybody in their right mind actually believe that if the Americans detect a missile heading towards the US over Canada that they will think twice before shooting it down over Canadian airspace? What will Canada do? Our military is so devastatingly underfunded we could never stop them.

Go Rocketplane!

These guys seem like the real deal. Not only do they have a realistic plan, it also looks like they've got some funding backing them up. After all they've spent $4 mill so far, and have about $13 mill in tax credits lined up.
"Marketing space will not be easy. Fun haters are everywhere. Most of them are lawyers, insurance agents and government officials. Anyone marketing space to civilians must be prepared to meet obstacles," Reifert reported.

You can say that again.

What Kind of Shoes Goodale?

Goodale's wearing "$250 Ecco shoes with polyurethane soles that provide incredible shock absorbency..."

Every year the finance minister buys a new pair of shoes for the budget and says something about it in his speech. It's meant to convey a message about the theme of the budget in question.

It's a Canadian thing.

What does this mean about the budget?

Well the Ecco is a European shoe that boasts that it's the main reason why Europeans have 2/3 less foot problems than the US. I guess that means no Star Wars or BMD, since Goodale sees the Europeans to be the cure for all our ills and the US means more problems. Maybe this signals a move to be closer to Europe and farther from the US - politically I mean.

They say that with Ecco "The foot controls the shoe instead of the shoe controlling the foot!" I don't know... Figuring out the secret messages that this Goodale sends is tougher than I thought.

Also Ecco shoes breathe out perspiration but don't let water in. So I guess this means the budget stinks, but Goodale won't feel anything of the flood of criticism.

And Ecco shoes are remarkably flexible. I guess this means that this 5 year plan will be very flexible and the commitments... Well let's just say they are very bendable and will stretch to comform to every comfort.

Too Much Cofee...

I just want to clarify: I didn't write this. I haven't been able to find out who to credit for this one. If someone knows, please let me know, and I'll gladly give credit where credit is due.-J

Someone had too much coffee this morning:
Re: The Canadian solution to the NHL Problem

Prime Minister Martin today announced that the federal government will take over the National Hockey League and run it as a "sacred trust, just like health care." The announcement came as pressure mounted for the government to do something to end the current NHL shutdown.

"No Canadian should be deprived of NHL hockey during hockey season," Martin said. "We will take over the NHL and run it in the public interest, just like we run the government of Canada."

In an hour-long news conference, the prime minister outlined reforms to the national game that his government will present to an emergency session of Parliament next week. "To protect the NHL from further Americanization, NHL commissioner Gary Bettman will be fired and replaced immediately by Governor-General Adrienne Clarkson," Martin said.

Asked whether the Governor-General knew anything about hockey, Martin replied "not much," but that Clarkson and 200 of her closest friends would be leaving immediately on a fact-finding tour to investigate hockey-government relations in Hawaii, Fiji and Monaco.

To address long standing concerns about escalating violence in hockey, Martin said the government will increase the number of linesmen and referees to 12 per game, one official for each player on the ice. In addition, Canada's gun registry legislation will be amended to require all hockey sticks to be registered.

Once nationalized, all NHL teams will be subject to federal government guidelines for gender equality, affirmative action, and non-discrimination in hiring. "Inability to skate, shoot, or pass," Martin said, "will no longer be a sufficient reason for denying any Canadian an opportunity to play in the NHL."

Martin added that in future all NHL teams will also be required to abolish the position of "right wing" from their rosters. Asked why, Martin said it was necessary to increase support for hockey among union members, and to secure NDP backing for the NHL nationalization bill in Parliament.

The PM affirmed that "the great Canadian principle of equalization will be fully applied to our national game."
"The current distribution of NHL teams in Canada is unacceptable to this government," he said. "It violates the principle of regional equality for Alberta and Ontario to have two NHL teams each while some provinces have
none. Commencing next season, the Toronto Maple Leafs will be moved to Fredericton and the Edmonton Oilers to Charlottetown."

Martin declared the seating arrangements at NHL hockey rinks "unacceptable" as well. "We do not accept two-tier medicine in this country and we cannot accept multi-tier seating at hockey arenas. It's un-Canadian."

Martin explained that former public works minister Alfonso Gagliano will be put in charge of a program to flatten the seating arrangements in all NHL arenas. Asked how spectators in the back rows would be able to see the game, Martin said the government is devising a plan for rotating spectators from back seats to front seats between periods. "It is our intention, in the interests of fairness, to ensure that any inability to see the game is fully equalized among all spectators, Martin said. "It's the Canadian way."

In recognition of the principle of "asymmetric federalism," and to secure the support of the Bloc Quebecois for the nationalization measure, Martin also confirmed that the Montreal Canadians will be exempted from the proposed reforms.

Finally, to pay for the nationalization program, the government's next budget will include a Fan Tax, an Ice Tax, a Puck Tax, a Stick Registration Fee and a new 115-per-cent income tax bracket for any hockey player making more money than the PM.

Space enthusiasts Gone Nuts

This is just sad.

I can't believe these guys come from Boeing. These guys are talking nonsense as far as I'm concerned.

"There are so many things underway now that relate to space colonization. The International Space Station is part of this too, as well as the long-term potential for terraforming Mars into another planet for humans to live on..."

How is the ISS part of space colonization? We have a few people decided by NASA and Russia in a tin can barely at 500 km in altitude. That's space colonization?

And that's a whoosey on terraforming. It would take literally hundreds of years, and untold resources to terraform Mars - it's really science fiction. The most feasible Mars terraforming plan I've seen is to detonate large scale nuclear weapons in the polar ice caps. This would start a chain reaction to spur the creation of lakes and running water. But it wouldn't change the basic factors that have lead to Mars being a cold world. They would also have to release large amounts of ozone in the atmosphere. Still any of that won't be happening anytime too soon.

"During the last half of the 20th century, a host of technologies and disciplines which had witnessed millennia of slow or no growth…suddenly went exponential..."

And there are those that have experienced absolutely zero progress, where we literally still use the same technology we used 30 years ago. And also the prices on manufacturing these technologies have gone up and not down... Try Rocket technology!

McCullough pointed to photography, chemistry and quantum mechanics that have combined to produce a new industrial revolution. Electrical and mechanical engineering are on courses that appear to indicate unbounded exponential improvement. Delving into the structure of DNA has spurred a better understanding of the cellular processes. The human genome has been sequenced and micro biomechanics has taken off, he said.

Wha? "...unbounded exponential improvement"? What can they magically predict the future? Then why aint they rolling in money from the Stock Market?

And what's worse, none of the technologies listed in the article seem to make the cost in dollars per pound to get to orbit decrease, or the cost of building the hardware to decrease. Until those costs decrease to manageable levels, space travel for regular people will never happen. And I hate to brake it to people but that's the only way true space colonization will happen.

Space suits with artificial muscles are nice, but they serve no purpose. You can buy Russian space suits literally on E-Bay for prices that private citizens can afford.

The real barrier to space colonization is the cost of access to space. That has to come down before anything else can change and real space colonization begins. And that's what the X-prize and Space Ship One were all about. NASA isn't interested in reducing the costs to space. In some cases they're actually hostile to it. Some I honestly believe don't like the idea of regular joe blows going into space. The big aerospace companies are addicted to government money and wouldn't suggest a cost reduction measure if their lives depended on it.

But that's exactly what Burt Rutan did. He manufactured a vehicle at the same price tag that a NASA report costs: $30 mill. And just to drive the point home: the bird flew well and was safe.

These guys are from Boeing? It's just quite frankly sad that they are deluding themselves so much.

The giggle factor will never leave space travel, until these guys accept reality and realize that "intelligent materials" and "microscopic fluidic computers" are not going to mean beans all for increasing the chances of space colonization.

Reality is that it costs $16,000/pound to get into space. That's the real barrier. Break that barrier and people will flock to get off this crap rock like the pioneers of old.

They're just waiting to buy the tickets.


UPDATE:Apparently I'm not the only one that has some issues with these guys.

Budget Predictions...

All right: budget time.


1.There will be some sort of tax cut. The Liberals will claim they were planning it all along. The truth is that the sucky Fiberals are ensuring the support of the opposition Conservatives .

2.There will be increased funding for the military. It will be small. And it will be badly needed. And the Lieberals will claim full credit for it. And they will be totally undeserving of the praise they will try to receive for it. In the end they will just get more criticism, since they're admitting guilt. Everyone will have no doubt now that the military is underfunded just as we've all been saying all along.

3.There will be spending on the Kyoto scam. It will be pointless and will achieve nothing, since they really don't intend on meeting the targets anyways. Ten years from now we'll learn about how this money was funneled to Liberal friends and loyalists somehow or another.

4.They will dole out the cash for large urban cities. Like typical Liberals they will ignore the fact that Canada is more than metropolitan centers. The cash will roll out, and the mayors will be kept docile and content while rural areas suffer.

5.They will create a new National Daycare program. Of course most Canadians would rather stay at home to raise their children if they could afford it, but that would interfere with the grand socialist experiment that Ken Dryden has in mind. Somewhere deep in Dryden's head he's thinking: "Why listen to Canadians when you can mold them to suit your own agenda?..."

6.Liberal pet projects from across Canada will get doles of taxpayers money, and there will be little or no proof of value gained.

That's all I know for sure. I'll get kicked in the pants at 4pm when I find out I'm completely wrong.


Poor Libs. Not only do they get kicked in the pants by the high flying maniac McKenna, but now they might be in serious trouble.

I don't think the government will fall. But I do think the Liberals will have to make some compromises to get there. If Paul Martin continues to govern as if he had a majority, then he's coming down for sure.

Stay granted in Schiavo case

Terri Schiavo's feeding tube won't be removed till 4pm tomorrow.

Someone must be watching over her.

Bush II the historical figure...

I'm sure you've all heard about the recordings by now...

What I can't understand is how this guy knew that Bush would be a historical figure.

Maybe I'm wrong, but I think he's authentic in what he's saying. I believe he took the recordings without malice.

Still though, it's strange. I could never take secret recordings of someone of private conversations especially if it was a close personal friend. I think he was just quite frankly misguided. Either that or he's not telling the true motivation behind him making the tapes.

Though it couldn't have been to damage Bush, because he could have released the tapes during the election - if that's what he really wanted.

No, he's really doing this out a sense of history... But that brings me back to the question: how did he know that Bush would be the historical figure, that I think we all can agree, he will be today?

Bush was just the Governor of Texas talking about a potential run for President in 2000 back then in 1998. There was no 9/11. There was no threat of Terrorism.

Somehow he knew.

It makes you wonder who's out there right know, that only people like this Doug Wead know that they are destined to great things.

Shake up at CTV/Globe

This might have a huge influence on the Canadian media.

BCE is huge. I controls both the Globe and CTV. CTV mind you, runs the top 10 watched shows on television in Canada right now. BCE is a dominator in the Communications industry.

And considering that Ken Thompson is coming back... Well, I wouldn't be suprised if the coverage from CTV all of sudden gets a different flavour itself.

Do we need a Youth Wing?

Over at Free Dominion they're having a good debate on whether or not we should have a youth wing.

First of all let me say I was very disappointed when the party set the rule that at least one delegate from each EDA had to be under the age of 28. And here I thought Conservatives didn't believe in affirmative action! It's my right to earn my way, just like anybody else.

Now when I go to the convention in Montreal, people I meet will assume that the only reason I'm there is because of that rule. I won't be taken as seriously as someone over the age of 28.

That does nothing for increasing the influence of youth at the convention, if anything it denigrates it. It's both insulting, and feels like a put down.

People should want youth to go to the convention bad enough that they are willing to vote for them over someone else who isn't. Otherwise, it isn't democracy, it's an appointment process.

I'm personally divided on whether the party should have a "Youth Wing" officially recognized by the party. I worry about youth being treated differently because of the introduction of an official youth wing. About a year ago I would have said otherwise. But seeing some things lately in the party both federally and provincially has made me change that opinion.

IDS hits the nail on the head...

Vitor Marciano from What It Takes To Win, just found the best article on the effect of blogs on the Main Stream Media (MSM) from IDS.

The Star Wars Kid

Man, oh Man!

The laughs just keep on coming today. But wait! There's more.

The Star Wars Kid rocks!

Tip o' the hat to SciFiDaily

Mr. Dithers

Paul Martin incapable of making decisions? No Really?

The laughs just keep on coming today. All I need is to see Paul Martin slip on the ice and fall flat on his behind in front of TV reporters and the day would be complete.

SSM Extremists

Famous Players has pulled the SSM ads.

Famous Players had every right to run whatever ads it wanted to. It's their theatres they could run a circus in there and it wouldn't be anybody else's business.

That being said it's also my right to vote with my feet and never to go to a Famous Players theatre ever again. The boycott was a great idea, and it was successful in persuading Famous Players that they would loose business by doing this.

If Famous Players really wanted to, it could have continued the ads and lost the business. They made a management decision that they would like to actually make money, so they pulled the ads.

That being said if anyone made any death threats in this case, that would have been totally unacceptable. That being said, there are extremists on both sides. Micheal Coren lists the comments of wackos on the other side quite frequently.

The Grits are dead broke...

This aint a joke.

Laugh it up people. There is no way we are going into an election this year. If we do it'll be to the Liberals demise.

Zimmerman Strikes Again

I spoke to soon when it came to the FAA's new guidelines for sub-orbital space tourism. So much for optimism. Robert Zimmerman basically proves that I was incredibly naive to think so.

At first I thought that the medical requirements seemed sound. Though Zimmerman clearly points out how difficult it would have been for the commercial airline travel to get off the ground if passengers had to submit their medical records to a "doctor familiar with Aerospace science." Also I didn't realize that the information on safety records applied to all sub-orbital launch vehicles everywhere - not just for the company in question. That being said I still think these regulations are minor compared to what some people wanted:
"For years," Oberstar complained, "both I and many of my colleagues on the aviation subcommittee have criticized the FAA for waiting until after a disaster to take safety actions, and have urged more proactive safety oversight."


"My bill would give the FAA the flexibilityto create a regulatory structure governing the design or operation of a launch vehicle," he said, "to protect the health and safety of crews and spaceflight participants as is necessary, without having to wait for a catastrophic failure to occur."

First of all you have a better chance of getting killed in your car than you do on a commercial jet. Oberstar should get a grip on reality. If aviation were really that bad the passengers, let alone the pilots, would never get into a commercial jet. Second, this aint the commercial aviation industry. If the Wright Brothers had as much safety regulations that today's average commercial airliner has, they would have never been allowed by the FAA to get within 100 feet of a runway. Literally the first airplanes were flimsly wooden machines that could crash any second. If the FAA had regulated them the way Oberstar wants, it would been death for the dream of flight.

This little tidbit was classic:

"For manned orbital platforms and other on-orbit activities. There's no statute that specifically provides for licensing and regulation," he said.

"Some believe that regulatory certainty is helpful when trying to access capital markets. ... Over time, as the industry matures, it may require further regulation (of orbital activities). It may even want it."

This elicited a response from Greason: "My goodness, there is an unregulated activity! We must do something about that! I speak as that strange and regrettably increasingly rare beast - an American. I don't have to have a law telling me it's OK to do something."

For those of you that don't know, this is one of the primary reasons why we still don't have a permanent human presence in space, why we haven't returned to the moon in 30 years, and why governments dominate space exploration.

CRRF a Liberal/NDP club...

Why is the CRRF involved in this debate?
I don't know about you, but I don't think of members of the gay and lesbian community as another race.
Pat Case, chairman of the Canadian Race Relations Foundation, blasted the Conservative leader for suggesting the legalization of same-sex marriage is the "latest fad" of the Liberal government.

"To brush off this very important issue ... is the government's fad du jour is disrespectful to the important work we do every day," Case said.

When I read this I started thinking. I started to think about Brock On the Attack and Stephen Taylor...

Doing a little research I found out that the Board of directors of CRRF contributed $2,398.66 to the Liberal Party since 1994. They also contributed $2,132.00 to the NDP.

There were no other donations reported to Elections Canada to the Conservative Party or the BQ.

Maybe there is a good reason for the CRRF to be involved in this debate - If there is someone please enlighten me. Either way, considering their donation history, they obviously aren't the most unbiased bunch.

NDP Revelations...

Well who would have figured: the NDP is finally realizing that the government had no intention of ever implementing Kyoto.

The Paul Martin Liberals know that Kyoto is a treaty with a fantasy emission target that is about as achievable as seeing Paul Martin appearing on TV wearing nothing but his birthday suit. You're talking about a 30% reduction in emission levels - the highest reduction Canada ever achieved I think was in the 2 to 5 percent range and that was in a recession.

I don't think the Martinites would like a recession. So I don't be a thinking they'll be implementing Kyoto anytime soon. This is all just a PR campaign, trying to re-assure those enviro-fascists out there that the big ol' lib gov is on their side.

And to top it all off the government has spent 3.9 billion so far. 26 million of that is on these Ads issuing a so-called "1 ton challenge." Honestly do we expect people to suddenly start driving their cars by 30% less just because Rick Mercer tells them so?

Talking about Mercer he made a pretty penny in all this.

Let's ask the Alcock what he thinks about all this...

My sentiments exactly.

Liberals Speak Out


Apparently Harper's speech was really good yesterday. Everyone I talk to seems to agree that it was by far one of his best - even Liberals. Too bad I missed it.

Harper Brings up the Holocaust

Harper brings up the Holocaust.

Do the Tories have some sort of new communications guy or something? Then they have Rona Ambrose with her comments on "old white guys." I haven't seen this much spunk from the caucus in a while... Actually never.

The Real Political Vandalism

A day after a motion was defeated, the Liberals are moving ahead with splitting the departments Foreign Affairs and International Trade.
Mr. Pettigrew's parliamentary secretary, Dan McTeague, described the defeat as an "act of political vandalism" and fired off an angry letter to Mr. Harper accusing the Conservatives of "duplicitous behaviour."

The real political vandalism and duplicitous behaviour comes from the government side of the house on this one. How can McTeague dare to accuse anyone else of political vandalism, when his own party is moving ahead anyways, ignoring the will of parliament?

That's political vandalism.

Stabbing Rona Ambrose

The knives are out for Rona Ambrose.
"I think that's out of line," Kaler said. "Ultimately, day care is a benefit to society - it's comparable to a functioning health- care system or a functioning police system."

Except that Ambrose was making the point that almost 100% of parents would stay at home if they could afford to. How is that a benefit to a society that doesn't want it?

Taking Risks

The Space Tourism sector is taking steps to set up Industry standards. Good on them. The thing that worried me the most was that the FAA would regulate this new industry to death before anyone managed to get off the ground - literally.

One official from the FAA was talking at one point about making sure passengers are "fully cognizant" of the risks before taking the flight. I wondered if she was suggesting passengers should be forced to take tests to certify their mental health.

I realize some people believe space enthusiasts are nuts, but no one is insane here. If I want to take a sub orbital jaunt, flying at thousands of metres a second, breaking the 100km mark for space you know you're taking a risk.

We have become obsessed with safety in today's world. Hopefully that won't kill space tourism.

Interesting that Elon Munsk was involved. He's only involved in cargo for now... I guess he really is planning on taking passengers one day.

"...Old White Guys..."

This girl has a new fan. Go Rona Ambrose! Go!

The Red Menace is Back.

Suzuki is half right and half wrong.

He's right in the sense that diversity is in the best interests of everyone. That actually is achieved when you think about it with the Free Trade and the globalization he despises so much. By braking down the walls between us, the greater the interaction, and the more we will learn from each other and hence become more diverse. The more we share information and values, the more we learn, and the more diverse our ideas become.

Not according to Suzuki. He seems to think that we become more diverse by isolating ourselves and by building up walls, like communist regimes have done all across the planet.

I loved the piece of Socialist propaganda he spews when he mentions the great scientific discoveries that have been made under Communist regimes. He forgets to mention their brutal dictatorships and their draconian censorship regimes that furthered their isolation and prevented the dissimation of information that would have led to a more "diverse" culture.

The communists didn't want a more diverse world. They wanted a world molded in their own image: everything owned in common. I guess the Red Menace never died.

The Proletariat Revolution at Walmart

Walmart is taking out ads in Quebec.

They should have done this sooner. This type of negative press can only hurt Walmart.

However, will it affect Walmart's bottom line? I doubt it. The truth is that the reason why Walmart can offer products at such low prices is because they have lower costs. If wages were to rise the competitive advantage Walmart has would disappear and likely it would loose a significant amount of business to competitors as they increased prices. That would lead to store closures and the loss of jobs for Walmart employees.

The fact just simply is that unions have become a competitive disadvantage in today's economy. Unions increase wages and so increase the costs a company has to incur. As Robert Heinlein once wrote "TANSTAAFL" (There Aint No Such Thing As A Free Lunch).

If it costs more to make a product, the prices will increase, and since people are cheap buggers, they'll buy less. It don't take a Rocket Scientist.

Unions should take a hint. Look at the automakers. The big three are no longer the big three. It used to be Ford, GM, Chrysler. Soon enough it'll be Ford, GM, and Toyota. And every year the foreign auto makers seem to be gaining ground at the expense of the big three. Coincidence that Toyota doesn't have a union and the big three do? I don't think so.

Unions had a good purpose originaly, to provide a counterbalance against artificial (sometimes government supported) monopolies in the market. They can help workers in those situations from explotations that would never have had occured in a true free market system. But I think we can agree that Airline Pilots that get paid $250,000 a year, don't exactly qualify as the proletariat anymore.

Women can't go to Mars...

Russians seem to believe that women should not go on a mission to the Red Planet.

Now there are different schools of thought on this one. The first is that a mission to Mars would take a long time, and the most socially stable environment would be one with a crew of married couples. Of course people dicker over whether they should be sterilized for the trip to avoid pregnancies, or whether their children should come along for the ride. The other school of thought, that I've heard of at least, is the exact opposite of what this Russian is saying.

The fact is that women consume less oxygen than men, require less food, and are smaller so they could save money by building smaller habitats. It would actually be a better bet to send a crew only of women more than anything - at least from a biological perspective.

Either way, the US will still fork over money to the Russians... For those that don't know right now the US is almost totally dependent on the Russians until the Shuttle gets back in flight. Even then, the new safety guidelines are going to make shuttle costs balloon. Meanwhile the Russian Soyuz throw-away capsules don't have the same safety regulations and cost less.

So it's either pay the Russians, or go with some other private industry competitor. You take your pick.

I hope for my sake they let a few members of the male sex go along for the ride.

The No Baldwin's Club

Well La-Dee Freaking La... I honestly hope they don't make the jump. I don't want to live beside Alec Baldwin... ever...

The Story of Two Polls

Apparently the Tories are screwed.

But wait! Then how does this make any sense?

Frank Graves is insane if he thinks he has any credibility at this point. Sometimes I wonder how much money he got out of AdScam.

Notice how the two polls almost overlap in time period? Also, they are within each other's margin of error statistically, except that Grave's EKOS Liberalisimo poll boosts up Liberal support and downgrades CPC support.

Notice also how Graves cleverly compares current support to levels from the last election? Big mistake. SES compares it to polling it's done since the fall. If Graves had done this, he'd realize that the Liberals are the one's trending downwards since last year.

I'd like to see the regional breakdowns as well. They both peg CPC support in Ontario a 32%, then I wonder how they are at 26% nationally. Usually Ontario support is lower than the national average.

Kenney proves Harper's point

Ironic, that on the same day that Jason Kenney gets ripped, Harper decides to make MP's vet their speeches.

Those of us on Kenney's side of the debate have to be very careful what we say and how we say it. No matter how well intentioned, we are the ones with everything to loose in this debate. If we don't say things exactly right we can offend, or give the impression of intolerance.

We have to make sure that whatever we say is always said with the up most respect, and tolerance for those on the other side of the debate. The last thing anyone wants to do is to belittle anyone, even if members of the Liberal Party are dead set on doing just that half the time.

Harper's move is the right one. I'm surprised it hasn't been done sooner. To be quite frank anything anyone says right know should have a freaking committee to vet it. It has nothing to do with trust, or respect, it has everything to do with reality. Everyone makes mistakes, and sometimes we regret what we say. Having more people skim through what we are about to say ahead of time, allows us to minimize those types of mistakes in the first place.

Although this wouldn't have stopped Kenney's comments from happening, at least it should prevent these types of inflammatory comments from coming out in the House of Commons no matter how true they might be or how overblown the media might turn them into.

GlobalNational today...

Anybody else see Global National today? I have to say I was very impressed with the quality of reporting I saw done by the program. It usually is a pretty flashy program, but some of the research that was done seemed unusually high for a member of the main stream media.

The best part of the program was when they played a clip of Jean Chretien saying that him and the finance minister, after the last referendum, agreed to set aside fifty million dollars every year for a unity fund to be spent promoting Canada.

The next clip was of Paul Martin testifying at the Gomery inquiry responding to questions about the unity fund. Every time he was asked if he knew about the unity fund in 1995 he responded No...

Either Chretien or Martin is lying. That much was evident. The research was impeccable going all the way back to the last separation referendum. It was really a top notch job.

Moles in the CPC

More on moles in the CPC. After all this isn't the first time that the national caucus has had issues with emails. A few months ago an email from Stockwell Day only addressed to members of the caucus mysteriously was forwarded members of the media. Remember the email that supposedly claimed Yasser Arafat was gay and with Aids? That's the one.

Now someone apparently has access to their mass mailing code. No surprise. They need to ramp up security like mad in the caucus.

Either way there is some sort of Mole either in the caucus, or working close to the caucus or in the party. It's the only way any of these things could be happening.

A SMALL TAX CUT!!!!!!!!????

Well guess what, after a decade of lowballing surpluses, the Liberals will post an 11 billion dollar surplus.

And according to Ralph Goodale that's enough for a small, pequeno, petit, smidgen of a tax cut. The Canadian population currently works more for the tax man than it does for itself - and that isn't an exaggeration. The federal government is racking in the cash while the tax payer is footing the bill.

This is insane. The federal government is ballooning in size, all we need for some economic catastrophe to happen, and we would be screwed. It's time we take away the incentive for the government to spend our money: give it back to taxpayers please.

You took too much, and the honest thing to do is to give it back.

AdScam Crapola

Now that Paul Martin, and Jean Chretien have made the rounds this pretty much sums up my opinions:
"You didn't have Perry Mason asking questions, you had Pepe Lepew. And I think that makes a difference."-Charles Adler

Paul Martin was right about one thing: Canadians are mad as hell. This inquiry was ridiculous. They put the two prime figures behind the government on the stand and it seemed as if no one was willing ask them any of the tough questions.

Well, Paul Martin got what he wanted out of this inquiry. Once it's over, and a few token recommendations are implemented, the Fiberal Party of Canada will continue on it's merry ways of padding their wallets with your money.

Canadians won't remember about AdScam by the time the next election rolls around. I'm thinking SSM will be forgotten too. It'll probably be another issueless election in store for us.

The Great Equalizer

Someone needs to say this. And I'll probably get hammered for doing it. But Nuclear Weapons are like guns - they are the greatest equalizer.

It doesn't matter if you're a big nation with a large army, or small one that can barely defend itself. When you have an atom bomb that you are willing to use, it changes everything.

You become part of a whole new class of nation. Also there's no way for a large military power like the US to invade you without suffering unbelievable looses.

That's North Korea's true motivation. And that's the motivation of most other rogue states.

I'm expecting Iran to come next.

The question is how should South Korea and Japan respond to this? Whether you like it or not, I'm willing to bet that before long Japan and South Korea will have nuclear weapons too.

AdScam Revealed

Forget the AdScam inquiry, forget Montgomery, or Paul Martin. Stephen Taylor has gotten to the bottom of the Sponsorship Scandal:


I get sick to my stomach just looking at those graphs. I think it's clear as day that the leaders of those crown corporations don't represent my values or the values of Canadians in general.


Anyone feel like Chretien's getting too much a fair trial? I'm a little disappointed. I was expecting some real confrontation. I was expecting the friendly dictator himself having to account for what happened.

Didn't see that today. All I saw was some golf balls, and a brilliant attack by Chretien against Montgomery when he made those comments about his daughter. I'll give him one thing, he sure knows how to play politics. For all the talk about the chief council of the inquiry being a former Mulroney aide, he didn't really seem to have an impact when he questioned him.

Hopefully someone else knows the game too, and they won't let these thieves get away with it. Where's John Crosbie when you need him? That guy would make mince-meat out of these crooks.

Of diamond planets and NASA

Taking a break from Chretien's highjinks at the AdScam Inquiry, some space stuff coming on...

Think about the gold rush. Now think diamond rush. Pretty cool eh? Too bad we don't have a diamond planet somewhere close to home. Talk about economic incentive for space exploration...

Just to explain to all of you that don't know, I'm not a big fan of NASA here. I used to be a big fan, but I've come to the conclusion that the only way that regular people will go into space is if the private sector gets there.

That's why I'm excited about this. This could have a profound effect on the commercial launch market. NASA is kind of like the CBC of the Aerospace marketplace. Why does the federal government own a launch system like the Space Shuttle when it can easily contract out launches to private launch systems that are at half the cost?

Tip o' the hat to the Curmudgeons.

Chretien the Entertainer

On this, the eve of Chretien's coming spanking at the
Sponsorship Judicial Inquiry, I can't help but reflect on the long and strange career of the former PM... Some particular moments come to mind...

"A proof is a proof. What kind of a proof? It's a proof. A proof is a proof. And when you have a good proof, it's because it's proven."

"I don't know what is marijuana. Perhaps I will try it when it will no longer be criminal. I will have my money for my fine and a joint in the other hand..."

"For me, pepper, I put it on my plate." [Translation: Screw you protesters - Jean Chretien doesn't mind using the pepper spray.]

And who could forget Chretien the Strangler...

Something tells me that whatever happens, his testimony at the inquiry will at least be fun to watch.

After all, they're spending 60 million on it, taxpayers might as well get something out of it...

Gagliano and Fonzie

I'm only half Italian, so I guess that makes me only half as good.The half that is, is a little ticked off at the reference to Gagliano as "Fonzie."
He may be part of the Bonnano crime family, he may have stolen millions of dollars but still...

Fonzie was not a crook, Gagliano is... We shouldn't be destroying the name a cult icon like Fonzie on a two timing scumbag ex-thug of Jean Chretien. To do so would be an injustice to Fonzie fans like myself everywhere. Fonzie, if he ever knew Gagliano, would have kicked his Mafia behind into the next century.

Come on people, Fonzie was so cool...

Quebequers want Landry out

I wonder who exactly was behind this poll. Somehow I doubt that this couldn't have some sort of political motivation.
“I will be leading the Bloc in the next election,” Mr. Duceppe said. “That's very clear. And I'm confident Bernard Landry will win the confidence vote.”

I'd like to think that Mr. Duceppe is not playing politics, but if he isn't he's doing a good job at playing it anyways.

By supporting Bernard Landry in this confidence vote he will get the benefit of boths sides of the fence: When Landry looses, those that support him will automatically see Duceppe as a natural choice for leader, as will those that wanted Landry out in the first place.

The interesting part is how he words his responses to these questions. It almost sounds like he's adding a qualifier to him not running for the position. It's sort of like he saying "I won't be running, because Landry should stay as leader." That leaves the door open a smidgeon. With the door that much open he could easily say when Landry get's the boot: "Well, I expected him to win, now the situation has changed."

If the situation has changed, it means he can change.

Martin's Iraq Woes

First I cheered, then I laughed.

Who are the war-mongers now? Especially with the NDP sidding with Harper on this one. The truth is our troops are dangerously spread too thin right now. The government knows this. Obviously Harper knows this too.

What's hillarious about this is that stupid ad the Liberals ran accusing Harper of wanting to send troops to Iraq. Apparently Martin was considering it all along.

Opening up the new frontier

This article gives me a little hope. But something bothers me.

Can Musk and his merry band pull it off? Not everyone is rooting for them. Earlier this year, Northrop Grumman sued SpaceX over the pintle engine, which was developed by TRW, now owned by Northrop. Northrop claims that SpaceX violated trade secrets, but SpaceX has countersued, claiming that Northrop is trying to extend a patent that has expired with its trade-secrets argument.

Why do to the big aerospace companies give a flying whopper about this little train? I'm worried that big time traditional aerospace is starting to get nervous and want to use whatever connections they have in government to scuttle this threat to their dominance in space.

The truth is that the the US government has literally created a whole class of companies that are addicted to government money. They've also become pros at exploiting the federal government for cash.

They absolutely can be successful, but the biggest risk is government," says Andrew Beal, CEO of Beal Bank, who spent more than $100 million on an earlier effort to build a private rocket. "My advice is to be careful."

That just confirms it for me. Andrew Beal knows what he's talking about. Elon Munsk isn't the only successful person that never failed at anything that decided to give it a go at the commercial launch market. Everyone so far has hit the invisible brick wall hard.

Hopefully this time will be different.

Defending MacKay

This is just a low blow even for a Liberal.

What does the personal life of Peter MacKay have anything to do with politics? This is definitely a new low even for Scott Brison.

I wonder how many speeding ticket's Brison's gotten lately? What date's has he been on lately?

You know, I don't defend MacKay much, but this time, this is just another example of the complete lack of class that the bunch of twits up in Ottawa has been showing lately.

What the?

Ok... So lemmy get this right... Kerry believes that life starts at conception right?
The discussion is not about being pro-abortion. The discussion is about how you truly value life. Valuing life is also valuing choice. Valuing life is the exception for the life of a mother or rape or incest

Ok, so you value life by destroying it?...

Doublespeak, doublespeak...


Arm the Iraqis

A well armed Iraqi is a well defended Iraqi:
The residents of a small Iraqi village have killed five insurgents who had attacked them for voting in last weekend's national elections.

Several other insurgents were also wounded.

The insurgents raided the village of al-Mudhiryah south of Baghdad after warning its inhabitants not to vote in the election.

The villagers fought back, killing five of the insurgents and wounding eight others.

The insurgents' cars were then set alight.

Al-Mudhiryah's tribal sheikh says his people are sick of being threatened by Islamic extremists.

I have the perfect solution to the Iraq Quagmire: arm the Iraqis. No dictator would ever come to power if enough of the population is armed. You wouldn't need a well trained Iraqi police force, or American forces anymore.

Afterall democracy and freedom in Iraq will only prevail if the Iraqis themselves are ready and willing to defend themselves against evil - at all costs.

Tip o' the hat to Curmudgeons (what's Curmudgeons anyway?).

Shuttle Huggers

I Love IT!!!

Shuttle Huggers: People who work on the Space Shuttle and although they know it was a costly failue of a freakin' flying brick still insist on keeping the program going.

Let's see how far we get on the freakin' space train express. We've tried the big government route. Some good that did for us. We got a flag planted in the soil and pretty much nothing else for forty years.

Maybe this time when people talk about space settlement and colonization it'll actually happen. Wishfull thinking I guess.

Go Burt Rutan! Go!...

Suzuky, Gagliano, and a Couple of Beers

So Gagliano's upset at the media because he can't find a job.

Well I'm sure the media shares part of the blame, but I'm betting the fact that the market for fired scumbag thieve ex-ambassadors is probably pretty small might just have a little to do with the problem. What doesn't help is that, well... everyone seems to be contradicting him, and he can't seem to remember how many times he met Chuck Guite a month. And to top it all off he seems to change the number of times: first it's a little, then it's a little more, then it's frequent...

But don't feel bad for Gagliano, David Suzuky has problems of his own:
“I was shocked when I came here and saw all of the student parking lots. What the hell are students doing in cars?”

Um... I don't know, maybe they might be driving 'em David. You know, driving right David? What replaced the horse and buggy?

I desperately need a couple of beers...

Tip o' the hat to
Dust My Broom. Dusty ain't rusty... I don't know anymore...

Same Sex Marriage Support

This should be a clear indicator to Conservatives nervous right now about SSM, that Harper's strategy is a sound one. Harper is expressing the view of a majority of Canadians on this issue.

No one is saying that same sex couples should not receive the same rights and privileges as heterosexual couples. The only point of disagreement is over referring to same sex couples as marriage. It was close to a point of view expressed by Paul Martin not just a year ago. Apparently Paul Martin has changed his mind.

Apparently the whole Liberal Party has changed it's mind. Barely five years ago they voted overwhelmingly in favour of the traditional definition of marriage.

Guns are loaded...

Give me a reason. Give me any reason.

I'm prepared to use it. I feel like the guns are loaded. I'm always looking for a way to use the thing. Just calculated that 80% of political donations that come from the board of TorStar that owns the Toronto Star goes to the Liberal Party.

I fight sometimes so hard, it's just so satisfying to see numbers like this that backs up everything I believe.

Liberals beware... If Steve Taylor and the rest of the conservative bloggers out there have anything to say about it, bias spun as fairness is over.

The guns are loaded.