Blinding Insight From David Dodge

David Dodge disagrees with Harper's optimism:
Recovery "is not going to be as quick as everybody thinks," Dodge said. "I think anybody would be dreaming in Technicolor to think that you're going to get through this by the third quarter of this year."

Earlier this year, current Bank of Canada Governor Mark Carney forecasted a quick recovery for the nation's economy.(link)

David's previous role as Liberal deputy finance minister under Paul Martin makes me wonder... Is he biased?

He's liberal... He's a civil servant... Enough said.

Then he gives this advice to the PMO:
Dodge also recommended a slight boost in taxes to boost government coffers, such as a one per cent hike in the GST.

"A little bit of tax here and there would do it," Dodge said.

Thanks for the advice David. Why don't you do the honors by being the first one that pays that extra percentage point.

That's all we need right now is a government raising taxes. That's one way to kill a recovery real fast.

It's Always the Guns

Gun Control at work in Germany:
"A shooting rampage that began in a high school in southwestern Germany on Wednesday has left the teenage gunman and at least 15 others dead, authorities said."

"Police said a 17-year-old former student dressed in combat gear entered Albertville technical high school in Winnenden, northeast of Stuttgart, and began shooting at random, killing nine students, three teachers and a passerby outside the building."(link)

I don't get it- the government in Germany restricts handgun ownership to those over 18.

MAN! Don't criminals listen to governments anymore?

I miss the good old days when criminals obeyed the law, and politicians did everything right all the time every time.

You know the days when governments spending like drunken sailors cured depressions and Canadian Senators actually earned a living...

Yes I am a cynic. And yes I do feel for those victims. The problem is I know that part of what caused this disaster in the first place is a culture that treats guns and those who own them lawfully as part of the problem:
"Police searched the suspect's parents' home Wednesday. They said his father, who belongs to a local gun club, had 16 legally owned firearms, one of which was missing."

Yes he belonged to a gun club.

Time to start the nights of terror and round up those evil gun owners because they are obviously the reason why 17 year old kids with serious issues go on killing rampages.

Maybe just maybe these kids are doing these things because fundamentally we live in a global society that demeans the value of life on a daily basis?

Nah!!! It's gotta be the guns. It's always the guns.

John Tory RIP

Last night was a bad one for John Tory:
LINDSAY, ONT. — Ontario Progressive Conservative Leader John Tory was defeated in a by-election race Thursday night, leaving his political career in tatters.
"Obviously, I am very disappointed by the results today, but the voters can never be wrong in what they decide and I respect their decision," Mr. Tory said in conceding defeat.(link)

This has got to be earth shattering to Tory and his supporters out there. Night's like these just kill you in politics. As someone that's supported more losers of elections than winner I can sense the frustration very clearly from John clouded behind the nice words and pleasant attitude. It's all to familiar.

That being said part of me wants to jump for joy. John Tory had embarked on a quasi-oppressive campaign against the old Harris guard of the provincial PCs. "Common Sense" was the relic of cavemen rural types that didn't understand big cities like Toronto. When from my perspective it was Tory and his supporters that didn't understand people past Mississauga, or a majority of their base for that matter.

Did you pay it back John?

A promise made...
"...Mr. Tory’s staff and supporters, who control the Ontario PC Party’s offices, sent me a brown envelope just over a year ago that still sits at on my kitchen table. The envelope was sent by Mr. Tory’s supporters during his recent, and much publicized, leadership review. Inside was a passionate plea for me, a voter in that review, to keep Mr. Tory as PC Party leader. What is concerning about this envelope though is that the costs associated with it were not paid for by Mr. Tory or his supporters directly but from PC Party funds. Mr. Tory, when confronted by this last year, admitted that this highly unethical act was a problem and promised to repay the thousands of dollars that were misappropriated for his direct gain. To this date, March 2, 2009, he has not publicly come forward to return this money that his supporters virtually stole from party donors.(link)

... Let's hope is a promise kept.

This issue has been all but completely forgotten since the leadership review. Did you pay the money back John? I certainly hope so for your sake.