Climate Change Politiking...

This time Tony Blair is a victim, or a willing accomplice to Climate Change exagerations:

A report by economist Sir Nicholas Stern suggests that global warming could shrink the global economy by 20%.

But taking action now would cost just 1% of global gross domestic product, the 700-page study says.

Members of the climate change religion will now have their head engulfed twice their normal size because of that study. The problem is that conclusion makes no common sense. So put your "eco-spirituality" back in it's drawer and calmn down.

Regardless of where you stand on climate change everyone has to concede that cutting carbon emissions requires some sort of sacrifice. The economy we live in depends on carbon emissions. We all drive cars. We all fly planes. We all buy goods that were transported in cars and planes. Until the internal combustion engine goes the way of the do-do any plan to reduce carbon emissions must mean that we drive less and probably consume less as well.

Just looking at the graphs they provide it appears as if they are requiring an 80% reduction of carbon emissions. That means you and I would need to burn 80% less fuel in our daily lives.

We would need to drive 80% less. We would need to buy 80% less fuel. Prices everywhere would go up as transportation became more expensive. Simple things like health care could become a world of more complicated if ambulances couldn't rush to a scene guzzling their fossil fuels.

There ain't no such thing as a free lunch. So how can they claim that it will cost the economy only 1% of gdp?

Mr Brown called for a long-term framework of a worldwide carbon market that would lead to "a low-carbon global economy". Among his plans are:

* Reducing European-wide emissions by 30% by 2020, and at least 60% by 2050

* By 2010, having 5% of all UK vehicles running on biofuels

* Creating an independent environmental authority to work with the government

* Establishing trade links with Brazil, Papua New Guinea and Costa Rica to ensure sustainable forestry

No wonder it will only cost 1% of GDP. They aint doing a darn thing.

First they want to create more government bureaucracy - something that if anything will slow down and not speed up a darn thing. Then they want to establish sustainable forestry by making deals with Brazil? On this count I have to admit to being confused as to how saving forests in Brazil will lead to a reduction in carbon emissions. But maybe someone out there can educate me on that one.

Establishing a carbon trading market doesn't mean lower emissions. Nations will just trade carbon "credits" back and forth in an attempt to get rid of the burden. That isn't a plan for reducing emissions. It's just a plan for some countries to get out of doing it.

The only good suggestion I can find here that actually lowers emissions is the goal of having 5% of cars running on bio fuels. With the direction of most car makers already that goal I think is already well on it's way at becoming reality. But will that reduce carbon emissions by 80% over the next hundred years? My friggin' eye it will!

And of course like most enviro nutsos they have their doomsday scenarios all ready to go to get us into a frenzy:

It warns that if no action is taken:

* Floods from rising sea levels could displace up to 100 million people

* Melting glaciers could cause water shortages for 1 in 6 of the world's population

* Wildlife will be harmed; at worst up to 40% of species could become extinct

* Droughts may create tens or even hundreds of millions of "climate refugees"

Notice in each case they use the word "could"? That's no mistake.

Let's be honest here. Even if climate change happens over the next 100 years in the levels predicted, they will still not be higher than levels experienced during the medieval age.

And if I'm not mistaken the world didn't turn into hell overnight, the sky didn't fall, and wildlife survived. That's why they use the word "could" repetitively.

They must figure "how do we know for sure that it won't happen?" "It could happen, although not probable..." So then they rationalize deceiving people.

By the end of the century who says we will be still using the internal combustion engine anyways? The IC has only been around for the past century. Climate Change has been a phenomenon that is recent to the last century. Based on the latest trends by that time we'll all be driving cars driven by canola oil or some such thing.

Climate Change, as in were all gonna die in global floods and weird tornados is not real and is a farce of science. The fact that today's scientist plays these exageration games is a detriment to the credibility of the scientific community.

Climate Change, as in the rise of average global temperatures over the last century, is real. But it isn't the end of the world. We do have some time. We're talking centuries here not decades. And the contribution of fossil fuel consumption to it should be treated a with a very cynical eye. Variations in temperature of this level have been seen in the past - when we didn't have cars or airplanes or much of anything else.

In the end it doesn't require government meddling. If the government really wanted to help it should simply back off.

Stop giving tax payer money to make pointless studies that produce no tangible results and return that money to individuals and businesses so that the innovation needed to get rid of the internal combustion engine has nothing standing in it's way.

There isn't a shortage of so-called "green" businesses that are out there trying to sell clean energy. Those businesses don't need anymore government meddling then the next guy as far as I'm concerned.

Ralph Klein wants to give advice?

Ralph Klein just seems to know what are the right buttons to push with me:

"I believe some of the things he's done are good... but his relationship with the media is not all it should be," the Alberta premier said Thursday following a closed-door speech on energy policy in Toronto.

Klein said Harper should be more like him and make himself more available to the nation's media corps.

''I accommodate the media. I was in the media. I know that it's nothing that I say that's going to get the media attention. It's always the reaction.''

It's amazing that the man that's shown about as much media savyy as Joe Volpe shows pleasantness on a pale dark night wants to give Stephen Harper advice?

This man was singled out as one of the main reasons why Harper lost that first election as leader of the Conversatives.  His comments on private healthcare musing about what he would do if the Conservatives won proved disastrous.  Now there were other events that happened that no doubt contributed to the Conservative downfall in that final week, but Klein's contribution can't be denied.

And he wants to talk about media relations?  He might want to try shutting his mouth in front of the media everyonce and while quite frankly - it would do himself and Harper a world of good.

Another day, another space tourist...

This time it's a randomn former Microsoft engineer: "Simonyi is paying Space Adventures Ltd. of Vienna, Va., $20 to $25 million to take him to the International Space Station in March aboard a Russian Soyuz spacecraft, the company said. He would be the fifth person the company has taken to space."

And the fifth person to be the envy of hundreds of non-billionaires on the ground.

Well envy is for those with too much time on their hands.  Though it makes me think, I can see the day when someone complains about high star athletes salaries and they'll say: "what do they need all that money for?  For their million dollar cars, 100  million dollar homes, or their  occasional million dollar orbital jaunts?"

Is it really that far fetched? 

Eventually I can imagine space tourism will become the "in-thing" for those in the super rich category of the pecking order of society.  Although I guess football players and the like aren't exactly the "orbital jaunt" types when you think about it.  More probably it will belong to the silicon valley types like Gates or Carmack that spent their toodler years dreaming about space only to forget about it and become computer geeks.  But as the idea becomes more and more prominent, I can see it becoming  a fad that draws even NFL players into spending a million or two to say that they have gone to the great beyond.

"You've just won the superbowl, what are you going to do now?"  "I'm going to space!"

The Clown Show Files XVII

I can't believe it, but I agree with Bob Rae.  In response to being called "dumb" he had this to say:

...Rae said he was well aware of the ''bad things'' people say about him, but stopped short of dignifying Klein's comments with a direct response.

''I can't quite figure out why he'd say that,'' ...

Neither can I.  Neither can the rest of Canada.  Calling Bob Rae dumb, is well... not bright to put it midly.  He's shown poor judgement yes, but namecalling aint kosher.  King Ralph is yet to be tumbled out the back alley of political retirement but he seems to continuously want to make bad everywhere he goes.

But despite the harsh economic times, Rae said he was proud of his government for saving the Dehavilland plant in Downsview, the UTDC rail car plant in Thunder Bay and the Algoma steel mill in Sault Ste. Marie, as well as building the Princess Margaret Hospital and establishing the Trillium drug care plan.

Because you know, when people here the name "Bob Rae" there immediate thought is that UTDC rail car plant in Thunder Bay... oh UTDC rail plant!  Where would be without you!

Rae said he's learned from those experiences, which is why he's not making sweeping promises he may not be able to keep and making economic prosperity a key focus of his political platform.

I find the Rae teams whole strat to be really interesting here.  The main message he's trying to stress is that he's a "learned" politician. That's an obvious contrast attempt to "you know who"  (Insert the name of a politically inexperienced harvard brat running in the Liberal leadership race here).

Then he stresses the economic platform of balanced budgets and tax cuts.  The question is will Bob Rae's attempts to calmn the jitters over his commitment to fiscal sanity be believed?  Can Liberals buy it?

Who knows in this clown show.

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Now I'm not one to defend Peter MacKay...

But over the "dog" brouhaha I have to wonder at this assertion:

'The barely audible exchange allegedly has one MP asking "What about your dog?" and someone responding, "You have her." Other reports of the exchange have the question as being: "Don't you care about your dog?" '

'Opposition MPs have said they saw MacKay gesture to Stronach's empty seat as he made the comment.'

You're telling me that Liberal MPs are sure that they saw Peter MacKay point out to the one of 308 seats of the house commons that belonged to Belinda Stronach?

They know for sure? No really? Not even a shadow of a doubt, that out of 308 seats he might just might have been pointing to a different one?

Heck, the man may have done the crime. I just find their cerainty a little dubious.

Finally a PMO "Source" that doesn't mess everything up...

When responding to a question about whether newly announced by-elections are seen as a "referendum" on Harper's government, what was the reply?

"London is a solid Liberal seat and Repentigny is solidly Bloc. We'll have good candidates, but we face an uphill battle in both ridings..."

Finally an "anonymous" source that didn't manage to overblow expectations.  This is a far cry from the old days where Harper's oppo "sources" would be publicly musing about winning election campaigns.  This is the best sign I've seen in a while that Harper's team is not only maturing it's becoming a force to reckon with.

Doesn't CUPE have better things to do?

Than fight for an outdated, leftist dominated, clearly biased court challenges program?

This quote is a killer:
The Court Challenges Program, created in 1978, provides funds to support test cases of national significance to clarify the constitutional rights of official language minorities, and the right of everyone in Canada to live free from discrimination based on sex, race, disability, age, sexual orientation, and other similar grounds...

Like religion for instance? Or is that not kosher anymore? Everyone agrees that fighting for someone's constitutional rights is a noble goal, but sometimes it seems that there are many that have such a narrow view of those rights. Something is only right if it benefits me. It doesn't quite work that way. That line seems to overlook that simple often forgotten right.

Two thumbs up to the PM and a heap of Irish dancers to the Flaherty for killing the CCP. CUPE should know when its lost a fight.

Danny Boy is a Putz...

Or atleast the lovable Newfie millionaire is sure acting like one of late.

Harper's never said that he wasn't going to fulfill the promise of fixing the fiscal imbalance. What he did say however was that it was egotiation. Equalization clawbacks and the whole miriad is all part of the same enchilada to Harper. The actual amounts would have to be haggled out later in a deal. No deal, no money.

Danny Boy's outburst threatening the PM reminds me of his threat to the US a while back during a missile defense test. His immediate concern was that debris from a missile shot probably hundreds of klicks above Newfie airspace could land and strike a Newfie sea refinery blowing it to smitherines.

Apparently the copious safety protocols rockets must have to launch these days, or the fact that the chances of such a hit were neglible in the first place were all post on a mad Danny. He protested. He threw a tandrem. He eventually withdrew his ojections after he realised his mistake and after I imagine numerous aerospace industry experts stopped laughing themselves silly.

My guess is that Danny's latest emotional outburst will soon earn him some more laughs. Perhaps this time at his and Newfoundland's expense.

The Clown Show Files XVII

What a week in the liberal leadership clown show.

The leading clown, a Harvard brat named Iggy, got into some hot water over some remarks about Israel committing war crimes. He was condemned. One of his organizers left in protest. The PM had some fun calling Liberals anti-Zionist, and Iggy decided to go to the holy land to clear up things.

The damage control strategy continues with Iggy's team trying a little known maneuver called the "gutless looser." A "gutless looser" is when you start launching out accusations at other people in an attempt to deflect attention from your bad doings.

So onward with accusations that Clown Rae's delegates are frauds from BC. What is it with BC and Quebec anyway? Can anyone have a leadership race without anamolies in those provinces? But that's not the half of the strategy. Not only are Rae's delegates frauds they "...are the uncurable poisoned fruit of fraudulent activity, which the Rae campaign should not be entitled to benefit from."

Wow. Add namecalling to the strategy.

Clown Rae's counter strategy? Use Frank Graves. Always use Frank Graves:
"OTTAWA—Bob Rae is the favourite among Canadians to lead the Liberals..."

"'What we are seeing is that Canadians' perception of who is most electable is being influenced by media coverage and the race for delegates, which Ignatieff is winning,' said EKOS president Frank Graves."

"'The post-election `honeymoon' that lifted Tory support tantalizingly close to majority territory seems to be waning, and the Liberals are closing ground,' said Graves."

Sometimes I think that man could come up with a poll proving that pigs can fly.

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Plane Crashes into New York building...

That's the latest from CNN. The word is that it's not terrorist
related. No explanation as of yet on why it did crash. A building is a
pretty big target. I'm wondering how something like this could have
happened. I'm figuring a building is pretty hard to hit, but those with
flight experience can better testify to that. Either way I'm forced to
wait and see like everyone else what caused this horrible, horrible

Madonna Adopts

Oh brother.

Madonna adopts. God help that poor child.

Tip of the hat to the Hunter...

The Hunter is leaving cyberspace.

He will be much missed. I don't know if I can manage to go on without his "rules of love..." But somehow I will try.

There is another day coming. Another sunset and sunrise. New challenges, new opportunities and new hopes are just around the corner.

That being said, one day I can see this blog going the way of the Dodo. It's a little sad to think of things that way. I've put an awful big chunk of my life the last couple years into this blog. It was fun. It was fullfilling. It sad to see things already winding down. But life is filled with its shares sorrows and joys. They'll be some joys yet to come.

So as the Hunter leaves, I'm giving a much deserved tip of the hat to the Hunter in respect to his years of service to honesty integrity and toomfoolery. But all is not lost. His clever meanderings though can now be found at the group blog the Politic.

SS2 Design Woes

After reading Jeff Foust's latest on the SS2 I'm left seriously doubting the future success of Virgin's suborbital venture.

These Buckos are testing seats in the legendary jet "Vomit Comet" apparently to determine potential comfort issues for the crew who would eventually take the joy ride in space.

Well more than warranted. But wasn't test flights supposed to occur late 2007? And there still testing seat designs?

I guess the argument could be made that for the SS2 most of the design is already a "fait accompli" thanks to the already flown SS1.

But in this article they're talking new engine, possibly new fuel... Although that is denied, the denial sounded like a half implication half denial. The truth is mused, but I left not knowing quite what the plan was for the SS2.

I don't know if this is just bad engineering or just bad pr.

Why doesn't NK get it over with already?

I woke this morning to this headline: "North Korea Threatens to test

Threatens? Please. It has always been just a matter of time.

A nuclear bomb is today's greatest equalizer. Small nations become
equal to huge superpowers after a small detonation proving they can blow
us all to smitherines.

It was always just a matter of time before North Korea, Iran, and every
nation on earth develops a nuclear bomb. Even us Canucks had some US
nukes on loan in case of emergencies during the cold war.

We have to come to terms with that reality, and figure out what to do

This constant insane panicking at the suggestion of nuclear testing
indicates more a "head in hole" mentality from the world community more
than anything else.

It's happening, it will happen, and no matter how many treaties you sign
or inspectors you send the benefits to a nation are just too high for
them not to pursue.

Again, the real avoided question that should be asked is what do we do
about it?

Space Nerds Abound...

This is just... I'm just speechless...

The Clown Show Files XVI

The results are in. Apparently Liberals like Harvard snotty nosed brats -er- I mean egghead politicians that after barely a few seconds in the Great White North want to be crowned the big cheese:
"I feel I will be gaining support in the coming months," he said.

Ignatieff was asked where he will get his support, considering his differences with some members of the party on issues such as his support for the war in Iraq and the mission in Afghanistan.

Ignatieff replied that people are drawn to candidates "who put out ideas clearly."

So would those clear ideas include the one about torturing Iraqi detainees? Or what about the clarity of his intentions to run as a Liberal next time if he looses?

Something isn't clear about his clarity.

"I don't think there is resistance to me in Ontario," Rae said, noting that there are a lot of candidates in the province and that his own campaign had started late.


That's one helluva statement.

You could make a good argument that's that one is comparable to saying "Ontarians like locusts," or "Give me cyanide anyday!"

Who knows? He might be right. People do forget horrible years and insane deficit spending.
Kennedy acknowledged there were regions where he needed to grow his support, but felt he had established a solid base from which to do so.

"What I like about my prospects is everywhere I've been known — for example, in Ontario, B.C. and Alberta, where I've been able to get known to the delegates —we've had a tremendous outcome," he said.

If obviousness was electable, Kennedy would be first.

"Dahhhh- where people actually know who I am I do better." Well I guess he had to say something to keep the troops going.

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Star Trek is Pro-Life

The “Big Blue Wave Pro-Life Blogburst” is underway. I'm going to be a late addition to the list because of a situation today but I figure later is better than never.

I'll leave the talk to the talkers because they are good at what they do.

I'll sum up my reasoning for being pro-life pretty simply. It's because of Star Trek. Not completely but it was heavily influenced by watching and reading science fiction in general.

The more I look back the more I realise that much of my pro-life stance comes from watching Star Trek and reading sci-fi. Not all but much of it. And for that matter, in Star Trek episodes, the Pro-Life theme seems to sap straight out of it at times maybe even despite the intentions of it's contributors.

I remember someone once telling me that science fiction is all about taking an idea and bringing it to it's logical conclusion in the future. And Star Trek was excellent at that.

One particular theme that's common in Star Trek is the idea of using time travel to eliminate someones existence - going back in time to prevent the birth of a person or an entire race.

Based on what we know from modern society doing that wouldn't be murder. After all the person hasn't been born yet. Then why did the thought of someone going back in time to negate your existence bring up so much horror? Why do we think we have a right to live? Because, I decided, on some level, we realise that we are SUPPOSED to live.

That's not to say that an unborn baby is not living. A baby in the womb is capable of much more than we'd like to know when they are commonly aborted. But the question made you think.

Once more another theme was frequently explored. And that was abortion in the name of preventing people from being born who would suffer a decreased "quality of life."

In one episode they came to a planet who terminated embryos as soon as they found they had some sort of defect like blindness. The irony was that it was a blind engineer's visor that had the technology that ended up saving their planet.

In yet another episode Counsellor Troy is impregnated against her will. As the crew debates terminating the child Troy sees the child in her womb on a screen and declares that she's keeping the child.

The pro-life tone of Star Trek is undeniable. The theme has been explored before. And as is common of brilliant science fiction it's left up to the viewer to examine and decide for himself even though it may have a bias. Horrible science fiction forces it's own views on you.

The expressed goal of good Science Fiction should be to make you think.

I can't help but think if more people took the idea of abortion to it's logical conclusion they would recoil in horror at the logical end result that the future would bring.