Proof of CBC Bias

Stephen Taylor just gave the conservative movement everything it needs to shut up any Liberal that claims that the CBC is unbiased.

I think the fact that 80% of all political donations that come from the CBC Board of Directors goes to the Liberal Party should make it pretty clear that the CBC does at least have some slight Liberal bias. The Conservatives barely manage 3% of donations. The Bloc gets 15% of donations. In other words, the CBC finds more in common with seperatists than it does with federalist Conservatives!
It makes you wonder about things.

Following Taylor's lead I did the same for board members of BCE which controls CTV and the Globe and Mail. 40% of all donations went to the CPC, and 60% went to the Liberal Party.

What a difference eh?

Obsessed with 'V'

Anyone else obsessed with 'V?'

It was an alien invansion series from back in '83. Back when I was in highschool I knew someone who gave me the complete series (Miniseries and TV shows) on VHS. It took me 4 days but I couldn't stop watching until it was done.

A decade goes by and guess what? Space is running it.

Where were the commercials advertising it? Where was the fanfare? You got to space's website and it doesn't even list it as a regular in it's weekly grid, you have to go to the program listings for Saturday to realise that it's going on.

This is ridiculous. I'm betting that the ratings would have been huge if they had bothered to lift a finger and advertise the freakin' thing.

'V' is an original alien invansion story. It was the first real attempt to popularise a certain take on the alien invansion genre. This take was the interpretation that the way an alien species would invade is to convertly take control slowly, at first making humanity think they are benevolant and good. I ends up there reptilians wearing masks, that have a penchant for eating humans and have a plan to steal earth's resources. It gets better though. The 'Leader' is all behind this. And there is a 'Fifth Column' of Aliens trying to defeat him.

So here's the deal, humanity has to fight for victory against the Leader and with the Fifth collumn. All the while there are still humans that believe that the Aliens are good and the rebels are just a bunch of terrorists so they fight with the aliens.

If you've seen 'Earth Final Conflict,' don't worry - this series was a heck of a lot cooler. 'V' is for 'Victory,' and is a play on Winston Churchill's V is for victory thing.

Canadian Liberals on Fox News

It's hilarious to watch Canadian Liberals rant about FOX News. I just heard one express the opinion that Fox News was just a propaganda machine.

Fair enough. But what about the CBC? People are living in la la land if they honestly think that the CBC is not just a propaganda machine for the Liberal/NDP left-wing of the country. For you Americans the CBC is the Canadian version of PBS except fully funded by the government and completely anti-Conservative.

I have issues with the government channel, and the rest of the politburo nationally in this country, but to hear this stuff just makes me laugh. If Canadian Liberals honestly believe that the CBC, or the Canadian media for that matter is that much above the likes of the propaganda spewing Fox News... Well then there hopelessly biased themselves.

Look, I'm Conservative - so let's call a spade a spade. Fox News is Conservative and always reports the news with a conservative bent. But to think that the CBC, the channel run by and for the government is not as biased towards the government?

For pete's sake, that's like the pot calling the kettle black.

My pop always told me, never read from one side, always read from both. So when it comes to news I say never watch the news from one source with only one world view, see what the other side is saying and you'll have a better view of reality.

Mackay and Belinda an Item

Lo' and behold the cat is finally out of the bag. Those in the know already knew about this one for months.

Finally it's out in the open.

I wish I could talk more about some of the other stuff I know that the media doesn't report here. There is so much that quite frankly the MSM doesn't know about the politics behind this. Well... Either they know, and don't care, or they really don't bother to find out.

All I can say is there are some leadership issues that this story fails to talk about...

Underestimating Harper

The knifes are out for Harper. I personally have no problem with the ads - I think they were a long time coming. The fact that some feel it appropriate to critize the leader for something they disagree with is also fine with me. A few weeks ago Harper was being critized for not clearly standing up for Conservatives issues in the National Post and also by such pundits like Adam Daifallah.

So he takes a clear position, and is getting lambasted for taking it... So where is the National Post and the rest of the defeatist Conservatives out there that were so eager to join the bash Harper bandwagon a few weeks ago coming in with reinforcments?

They are all making one big mistake: They're all underestimating Harper.

Muzzle Kinsella

Rempel has some excellent comments about the ragin' Kinsella and his crusade to get attention at the Sponsorship Scandal Judicial inquiry.

Kinsella, good ol' buddy pal, do us all a favor: shut up already....

Gomery didn't say anything that any self respecting, reasonable Canadian would not have said after meeting the characters involved in this crapfest.

Changing the judge won't change the verdict... The sooner you realize it, the less of an idiot you'll seem to rest of us.

Eugenics Never Died

I can't describe how horrible and sad this makes me feel. I almost get sick thinking about this. How could anyone in there right minds take the life of a newborn child?

I find it hard to understand how people can simply shrugg it away by saying "well if the child is suffering." Life is suffering. A child's first experiences in the world are the painful ones of birth. We are living in a culture that has become afraid of pain.

We all have varying measures of pain in our lives. Some of us are called to endure more than others. And sometimes, as in these cases, a cure is possible. These children are living beings, that have rights to their own lives.

They aren't dogs to be put down.

Martin says "Uh.. No thanks."

PM backpeddled once again:

HONG KONG - Should the minority Liberals lose a free vote on same-sex marriage it would not necessarily lead to an election call, Prime Minister Paul Martin clarified Saturday, the last day of his nine-day diplomatic tour through Asia.

On Friday, the prime minister suggested Canadians could go to the polls over the same-sex marriage issue. When asked Saturday what would spark an election, he pointed to Conservative Leader Stephen Harper

I think this best describes my thoughts: GO SUPER CHICKEN!

On that note,

Harper Says "Bring It!..."

I think there is a conscious understanding in Harper's inner circle that this will probably be his last chance to become Prime Minister. He has nothing loose, and the deadline of the next election may be coming soon. I shouldn't have been surprised at the amount of guts he's been showing lately, but I think that realization that his time is running out of time is taking hold. Harper's not going to take things sitting back this time.

This is Harper's way of saying "the gloves are off."

The next election is going to be interesting.

Hubble Is Scrapped?

Apparently the White House has denied funding for a rescue operation.

The idea of an observatory in orbit seemed like a good idea when they first came up with it. Now though, with the new focus on space exploration, the Hubble just quite frankly doesn't fit. What's worse is with these new safety guidelines that have been imposed on Shuttle flights I'm willing to bet dollars to pesos that that the marginal cost of each shuttle flight is going to balloon.

It was pretty obvious from the beginning that the White House was pretty uncomfortable with the idea of extending the life of the Hubble. This is all part of giving NASA the new direction it's been needing for the past twenty years. NASA, since Apollo, has been like a chicken dancing around with its head cut off. It didn't know what to do after it got to the moon. It just kind of sat there and said "hey let's build a space station" and then came Skylab. Eventually that went under, so then came the idea of the "Space Shuttle" that was supposed to drastically reduce the costs of space travel. No pay dirt on that one. So then they went full circle and built the "ISS." NASA utterly failed to build on the success of Apollo.

Then it started to get involved into these grand science projects, testing dead frog legs in space and the rest... I've used Hubble pics as wallpaper tons of times, and I'm sure we've learned more since Hubble came into operation about extra solar planets than ever before. But I'd like to see human exploration come first.

The Srgo scandal keeps on going and going...

The Pizza scandal has some legs apparently.

Regardless of how you look at it, immigrants in this country have been taken for a ride credit of the Liberal Party of Canada.

After all of this will this make a dent in the support that Liberals enjoy from immigrants in this country? Probably not.

The New Tory Same Sex Marriage Ad

So much for controversial. This is as bland and boring as it gets. I guess the media was making a mountain out of an ant hill. Kudos goes out to CTV for breaking the most boring story of 2005 so far.

I was expecting fire and brimstone. Maybe a crying baby or something...

Tory ads on SSM are true

The story about the Tory Ads on SSM are true. I've gotten confirmation on it this afternoon.

Regardless of whether or not you agree with SSM, you have to agree this took real cohones for the Tories to pull this one. I didn't think they had the guts to do this. Hopefully they won't back fire.

Calling All Kyoto Supporters: Wake up - the Feds are Faking it!

This is the point I've been trying to make all along. Kyoto was never implementable. The proof of this is the fact that the federal government never really intended to implement it, they figured they could fake it. They have to strike somewhere to reduce carbon emissions - so who will it be?

Will it be the Auto industry? Nope, wouldn't want to upset all those Liberal Union Auto Workers.

Will it be the oil industry? Nope, because they'd just lob the burden at the gas pump with price increases, and the PMO doesn't want to make Canadians even more ticked off about gas prices.

Will it be drivers? Imagine paying a "Kyoto Fee" or a "Kyoto Tax" on every mile you drive. Something tells me it wouldn't be too popular.

If you want to implement Kyoto those are the choices you have. The Feds know this, they just won't tell anybody. So if you're an enviro nutso, just to let you know, they ain't implementing it - they're faking it.

Hospital Bail-out Schmail-Out!

They want to give Ontario hospitals more money? They can start by getting rid of all those nonsense seminars that Hospitals spend money on to try to teach nurses how to "reduce stress in the workplace" or something like that. Most nurses hate these seminars. I remember renting out a room from one nurse. By her descriptions they sounded like a complete waste of time. They want to reduce the stress of nurses in the workplace they can start first by not wasting taxpayers money and hire more some more nurses with the money they save.

They could also try imposing fees on those that can afford them. There are plenty of users of health care that can afford them, and if hospitals were allowed to levy fees it might discourage those people from going into hospitals for stupid reasons.

Oh ya, and they can roll back the salaries of hospital administrators and freeze salary increases on them.

Fat chance of that happening. Why should hospital administrators bother to fix the problems they have when the Premier's office will just bail them out.

Titan The Fart Gas Planet

The first images from Titan have come through:

Lots of Nitrogen and Methane. Basically a nice little fart gas planet. Those scientists must feel pretty good right about know.

What I don't understand is why I've heard silch from anyone on the possible commercial developments of Titan. With an atmosphere like this one making rocket fuel should be a lot easier I'd think. I guess I'm expecting a lot from NASA to actually consider how humans may actually live and have an economy on Titan. They still haven't figured out how to do that in low earth orbit let alone the moon.

The only way regular people will ever get to Titan is private individuals do it. Governments have a habit of not carrying about cost so much, or for that matter getting regular people in space. Hopefully Burt Rutan will have those ships built on time, that and these guys decide to compete for the America Prize.

With any luck I'll be strapping my behind to a rocket waiting for someone to light the other end in about 20 years.

Was Sgro Fired?

Sgro has finally been canned. Lets not fool ourselves into thinking that she did this of her own volition. The truth is that Martin's office politely explained to her that she had to go.

These reports about her asking for a free pizza don't seem all that odd. I've heard twice as worse about other Liberal MP's. What's odd is that only now the CBC (Communist Broadcasting Corporation) has finally caught up with these stories.

The Canadian Kyoto I Told You So

Anybody remember people saying about a couple years ago that Kyoto was unworkable, and that the emissions targets were never realistic and could never be met unless drastic draconian actions were taken against businesses or consumers?

Apparently it has finally come to fruition. Paul Martin, and the Liberals know what really will be required to cut emissions - tax increases. Either lobbed against the oil industry or directly onto consumers themselves. Regardless if you agree with Kyoto or not that is about the only way to do this. Giving tax incentives and expecting a 30% reduction in emission levels over the next decade is a pie in the sky hope, that'll never be met. People have to stop using their cars and the only way to stop people from going to work is to force them to.

As for trading emission credits all I have to say is TANSTAAFL (There Aint No Such Thing As A Free Lunch). Someone has to pay somewhere... This treaty was a disaster in my opinion before it came into force.

Who's the Party owned by corporations?

Thanks to Brock:on the Attack We have proof that Liberal party has no ground to claim that the CPC represents the interests of big business. If anything the Liberal Party has favours to keep with Bell Canada, and Bombadier among others.

The Paul Martin Missile Defense lying spree! Buy two Lies get the third for free!...

How do you like once a liar? How about twice a liar? His pants aren't just on fire they're freaking ashes floating over Ottawa at this point.

Canada's Martin Denies Agreeing to U.S. Missile Defense Plan

Jan. 10, 2005
Jan. 10 (Bloomberg) -- Canada's Prime Minister Paul Martin denied giving assurances to the U.S. that Canada would join the U.S. ballistic-missile defense system for North America by the end of March.

``No such assurances were given,'' Martin told reporters outside parliament in Ottawa today.

Canada poised to join missile project before 2004 election: documents
Jan. 13, 2005
OTTAWA - Previously unreleased documents from late 2003 and early 2004 show Canada was close to signing a deal to join the U.S. missile defence program before last June's federal election.

The documents, obtained by CBC News under the Access to Information Act, show Prime Minister Paul Martin's government was committed to the program.

PM says missile defense to be decided in fall

Apr. 29, 2004 News Staff

The government is denying reports that it is set to become a partner in the American space-based missile shield.

In Ottawa, Finance Minister Ralph Goodale says the government remains "absolutely opposed" to the program.

And in Washington, D.C., Prime Minister Paul Martin said a final decision will be made in the fall.

Responding to a report in The Globe and Mail on Thursday, Goodale told reporters the suggestion Martin has already given his approval to the aerospace early warning system are off base.

"As much as I respect The Globe and Mail, sometimes there needs to be just a bit more caucus research," the finance minister said in Ottawa.

What is this Paul Martin's happy hour or something? Someone should turn off the taps in Ottawa and quick.

Some people never give up...

How sad is this.

To think these guys used to be Cabinet Ministers and people in government. They've become a fringe group on the edge of political reason. Harper if anything has been critized for going to far to the center lately. Interesting that these people still find some reason to still attack him and the party.

You'd figure these guys would see the writting on the wall and try to adapt to changing times. Sometimes I wonder if they really are just Liberals stuck in PC party for years either by chance or opportunity. And today they are lost not knowing where to go or what to do.

I hope the first thing they learn is that you can't form a party based on vague platitudes and uncertain goals. People won't give money or time to a party that won't be clear on the issues. It's ironic since that was the very reason why the Conservative movement split in the first place. Good luck on the new venture. They'll need it.

Keep Gomery!

Well wouldn't ya know it, Chretien and his merry band of Fiberal Liars want to give Gomery the boot.

Kinsella, the ol' pit bull himself, has been all over this thing for weeks now but only now people are starting to pay attention. Apparently Gomery has said things like "I'm coming to the same conclusion as Sheila Fraser that this was a government program which was run in a catastrophically bad way". No freaking really! Note to Kinsella: Suck it up, Get over it. It wouldn't matter who the judge would be, everyone would come to the exact same conclusion that Fraser came to and that's that there was something fishy going on during those Chretien years and taxpayers were screwed royaly for it.

Kinsella may be innocent himself, but there is no way that Chretien or not even some of his advisors or not even one person in government knew nothing about what was going on in the sponsorship program. That's borderline loonieville like believeing in Unicorns and Leprecauns...

Kinsella get over it already and focus on your pet project to keep Dalton McGuilty in government for another disastrous 4 years.

Where did this come from?

I didn't think Pro-Life democrats even exist let alone still have some life left in them after the last Presidential election. One's things for sure if this guy runs, the Democrats will have the best shot of defeating the Republicans they've had in a while. It's high time they realised that so-called "Moral" issues are becoming the major issues in US politics.

In Canada we have our own problems. Apparently it's not enough that pro-life conservatives keep out of the public eye they want to drive them completetly out the party. The truth is this all part of internal leadership politics. Someone inside the party is out to embarrass Harper by making sure that resolutions are passed that condratict the party line.

I think we all know who that someone is.

The flags are back up

So Danny boy has the
flags back up. The reason he can get away with all of this of course is because Newfoundland has a history of flamboyant populist Premiers.

He's right of course on the case of Oil revenues. Though he's wrong when it comes to using the flag of the country to make his point. I appreciate the fact he was looking to make a big too-doo, and good on him for doing it. Using the flag though to do it was distastefull in my opinion.

There are better ways to make your point besides using the flag and the ire of seperatism. Not that this is isn't typical of Canadian politics. The one uniting principle of Confederation is that we are all still colonies. Nothing has changed. We are still a bunch of non-American colonies still struggling to deal with living with each other with an ever centralizing central government.

"...weaseling to the discredit of the reputation of this country."

Martin's visit to Libya and his view that Khadaffy is "a philosophical man with a sense of history" is a disgrace to Canada -- and an example of weaseling to the discredit of the reputation of this country

Anybody else love John Crosbie? The Sun has a keeper with this guy.

Newt for Prez?

Gotta agree with Daifallah on this one.

He's been on an anti-Harper tirade lately so agreeing with him on anything feels a little weird.

Voting Age 16?

I'm a little divided on this one. I joined the Reform Party when I was 16 so I can sympathize however giving the right to vote to people that don't pay taxes and aren't legally considered adults yet...

That and based on my experience going through those years, society is pushing people to grow up faster and faster today. I think this is making serious problems today with lots of teenagers.

Then again if they are joining political parties like I did, they are influencing the outcomes of leadership elections and candidate nominations so why not?

The New Battlestar Gallactica

I watched the new Battlestar Gallactica 2 part mini-series premiere for the series premiere last weekend. Gallactica was a series that ran in the 70's, and this new series is a remake of the old.

I watched it last weekend only to be half excited and half dissapointed. I have to admit it grew on me so much that I couldn't stop thinking about it after I watched it. I ended up watching the thing over again today.

My problems initially was that they replaced the character Starbuck - the womanizing, cigar smoking, hero of the original - with a woman. Now I don't care if they want to add more characters to the series but the character of Starbuck was a classic, and I was initial ticked off that they decided to tamper with my memory of the rebel pilot Starbuck.

I have to admit that I accepted it after a while. And on the overall I think it works in the series although I will always never see her as Starbuck, but as something brand new and not at all related. If you've seen the original series you'd know what I'm talking about here. Making Starbuck into a woman is like turning Captain Kirk into a chick - it just doesn't jive in your head.

Ok... Need a synopsis of the series? Probably should have done this at the beginning but if you don't like sci-fi I bet you didn't read this far anyways so who cares?

Basically all of humanity comes from this planet called Cobalt. Thousands of years ago 12 tribes leave the planet to found the 12 colonies of cobalt. Eventually they start fighting with each other and create these machines called "Cylons" to help them fight. The Cylons turn against their masters and the 12 colonies unite and force an armistice with the Cylons. 40 years go by, and humans forget about the Cylons only to be nuked to death by the Cylons in a surprise attack aided by a human traitor. In the new series this is changed a bit because the human traitor is a scientist having an affair with a chick that turns out to be a new model of Cylon that looks exactly like a human instead of the toaster oven variety everybody knows and loves with knight rider eyes who used the human to hack into the colonies defenses. The old series had a politician betraying the human race. The addition of Cylons that look like humans, I think, was actually a neat idea.

Anyways all of humanity is destroyed except one Battlestar survives - The Gallactica - with a band of survivors in small spaceships. They take off after a legend that says that a 13th tribe left Cobalt and founded a colony called "Earth."

Lorne Green was the commander of the Battlestar Gallactica in the original, the new one actually seems pretty cool.

Overall I think I'm going to be hooked to this series - if not already.

Free Condoms for Tsunami Victims?

I'm not kidding.

Strange how the last post was about how there would be those that would see this disaster as an opportunity. In this case apparently there are those that see this as an opportunity to push an agenda.

Somehow I don't see free condoms as being the first thing we should raising funds for after a natural disaster like this. I don't know why... Call me old fashioned but I would rather spend it on, I don't know, food, water, shelter etc. You know the good ol' basics.

3 Billion's a Big Number

I'm going to try to be as fair as I can be about the situation in Sri-Lanka and Southern India. Right now the amount of aid pledged is somewhere near 3 billion dollars. I said I would be fair so here it goes: this is a great show generosity for the world community and humanity at large. No amount of money would ever be enough, but the number I think is a good sign that this world still has a sense of compassion for those need.

All of this being said I can't help but wonder how much harm this money might do. Every crisis brings those that would abuse people for their own purposes. Such a large amount of money will no doubt draw the attention of those that would take advantage of the situation. Unfortunately there will be probably be a large amount of corruption involved in this nonsense - not to mention fraud. And I'm betting that some terrorist groups will no doubt use this opportunity to gain some funds themselves.

What doesn't help is the UN, with it's great record with the Oil for Food Program, is supposed to heading up the relief efforts.

Hopefully I'm wrong, and it won't turn out as bad as I think it might. This may be a price that we are forced to pay to help those truly in need after such a disaster.