Shakespeare's Religion

Lately a lot of talk has surfaced about hidden pro-Catholic messages in William Shakespeare's works.

I didn't know what to say when the talking started. I think I was afraid of what it meant. I still think I'm afraid.

I don't talk about this much, but there is a particular quotation from one of Shakespeare's plays that played a large part in my life a few years ago. It put me on a different path.

Later on, I brushed it aside. I thought that I only read into the text what God wanted me to read.

Though to read that Shakespeare maybe was more religious than people believed? Well, I can't help but reflect back on my own past, and on my own faith...

Mars Sky Coloured?

Via Robot Guy, apparently Sir Charles W. Shults III has been claiming that not only are there water geysers on Mars, but that NASA has been editing Martian images to make Mars seem drier than it actually is.

I gotta say I'm skeptical (I'm always skeptical about everything I guess). Why would NASA hide something that would be so mind blowing it may create a gut spewing frenzy from Congress to pour cold hard cash down the dark hole of NASA? Why wouldn't NASA want to doctor the images to make Mars look more Earth like and so more exciting so they could get more cash?

I don't know one aeota as much as this Knight. But his claim that "A single perfect mass of absolutely uniform color never shows up in any photograph or digital image," isn't exactly true. He zooms in on only one area of the "edited" image. When you look at the whole jpeg, it shows slightly different shades of the same colour in a block type pattern similar to feed you would expect from an internet camera. Crap, that might happen from something that happens when the image gets converted between formats, or who knows what else... So you basically have to trust a Knight's word I guess in this case. And if Robot Guy really knows and trusts the guy I'm more inclined to trust him.

But the stuff on cut away horizons... Now that's just one whole new level of freaky. There's no way to explain away that stuff that I know of. Why NASA would cut away sections of photos like that in such an obvious way... Well there is no obvious explanation, and it's amazing that no one has called NASA on these photos yet.

Orthodox Catholic Town?

Tom Monaghan the co-founder of Domino's is building an Orthodox Catholic town in Florida called Ave Maria. Pornography, and contraceptives will be banned from the town. There will be Chapels everywhere, and daily mass, and a Catholic University at it's center that strictly sticks to Catholic teaching.

Talk about a City of God.

Though I wonder how Mr. Monaghan hopes that this town will maitain it's Catholic identity over the years... Who will be in charge of governing the town? What will be the rules of sucession of whatever body or group that is?

What if eventually the town gets a lot more than 30,000 people seeking refuge in it from an increasingly crumbling outside world... Would they eventually start demanding a democratic government? What other changes would the newcomers want? You can take this whole idea down so many paths...

Tip o' the hat to the Curt Jester.

Who would have figured?

This was just too obvious of an idea. A cellphone that looks like a Star Trek communicator is too cool for school.

I've always kind of wondered why they never came up with a cell phone that looks and feels like the original communicator on Star Trek... I don't know how much this cell phone will look and feel like the real deal, but what's stopping them from making it very close? Nothing as far as I can tell.

The only question now is if people will buy it. My nerdiness already spews a gallon a minute, so I don't need this to seal the deal. I wonder how many people will go for it?

Tip o' the hat to Curmudgeons.

New CPC Ads

The Conservative Party has released a new set of ads. Speculation is abound that this is a sign that a fall election is imminent. I think it's a sign that the Tories raised just under $5 mill this year compared to the scandal ridden Liberals that couldn't even muster $2 mill.

More money means more ads. Who knows what the ones they are working on now will end up looking like in the campaign.

I'm impressed by these ones though. They are focusing on issues: Healthcare, Childcare, Taxes. That's what my impression of where, on the political landscape, the party can make serious inroads.

We can not go into another election on corruption alone as an issue. Worse yet we can't have another issueless election. Canadians are thirsting for solutions on Healthcare, Childcare and they still want lower taxes.

The ads are corny, but they work. Harper seems more genuine than anyone else. And they are showcasing MacKay, and Ambrose... It's the Conservative team vs. team Martin.

Though I really don't like the voice of the woman at the disclaimer section of the ads... Could the voice sound anymore depressing?


Maelstrom posts on a test to determine if your boss is a psychopath:
[8] Does he fail to accept responsibility for his own actions?
Does he always cook up some excuse? Does he blame others for what he's done? If he's under investigation or on trial for a corporate crime, like deceitful accounting or stock fraud, does he refuse to acknowledge wrongdoing even when the hard evidence is stacked against him?

These questions don't sound a lot like any of the bosses I've had, but they do remind of some Canadian Liberals I know.

Israeli Pullout

Curmudgeons commented on the Israeli pull-out this week.
The Israeli eviction of settlers from Gaza, leaving aside the strategic reasons for it, will not lead to peace. Palestinian terrorists will become emboldened. However, there will be more Palestinian on Palestinian violence as the struggle to control Gaza commences. That may be what Sharon is counting on.

Interesting theory behind the true strategy Sharon is planning to use. If I ever was an Israeli citizen myself, I've always thought I would be a "land for peace" guy. For every inch of land Israel returns, it should get some sort of guarantee of peace.

That land was taken over by Israel in a conflict that has never been fully resolved. Resolution is what is needed. Anything less, will not lead to more peace.

And I wouldn't bank on more Palestinian on Palestinian violence. So long as the state of Israel exists, and there is no agreement, there will always enough violence from terrorist groups.

Unless Israel is ever put out to pasture, Palestinian terrorists will remain united in their hatred.

Mars as big as the Moon

The rumour that Mars will be as big as the Moon on Aug. 27th has been spreading for a while.
"If we really did see Mars as big as the moon, it would be a really bad day because it would probably mean we'd all die," said Patrick Wiggins, NASA ambassador to Utah.

Liberal Fundraising Woes

Between April and June of this year, the Liberal Party's fundraising efforts were battered by the allegations of kickbacks heard at the Gomery inquiry into Ottawa's troubled sponsorship program. Their total of $1.43-million lagged far behind the Conservatives, which chalked up more than three times as much, $4.98-million. And the Liberals barely outpaced the New Democratic Party, which recorded $1.13-million in donations for the quarter.

Is this a sign of possible troubles for the Liberal Party in the next election? The Conservatives better use this fundraising advantage they're gaining wisely.

t/space Strikes

I know this is a little late, but apparently t/space has tested the parachute system of its planned design for the next generation launch vehicle it wants to build to replace the shuttle.

I guess pretty binders and colorful artistic renderings aren't considered enough to the boys at t/space. No they actually want to build something that can get humanity off this stunted rock. You know, actually show progress. Give some bang for NASA's buck.

Finally, someone's doing something and showing some progress in light the troubles with the Shuttle lately. But I have no faith whatsoever that NASA, even under Mike Griffin's command, will make the right choice and go with t/space over the other big aerospace companies.

This is about politics. There is no way that Congress will ever let NASA do something like this - it makes to much sense. No, I think in the end this will just go in that black box of crap where all good ideas rejected by NASA go.

If I'm wrong, well I'll be happier than crap.

"...the gang that can't shoot straight..."

You know, I'm not an expert, but when Liberals make comments like this one, if I were a Liberal, I would want to shoot them. It would be very hard for me not to want to witch hunt this "Liberal MP" down.

But since I'm not a Liberal, I could care less. Keep it coming boys. Shooting each other silly is fine by me.

But on this G-G situation, I have to say when monarchists are protesting you know there's an issue. This is like the equivalent of having monarchists protest Prince Phillip or the Queen.

All of this started by some quotations that suggest that are newly appointed G-G may be a National Socialist - er - I mean a Quebec Socialist - er - I mean a Quebec seperatist:
The magazine then unearthed quotations by Ms. Jean and Mr. Lafond from a book he wrote in 1993. In it he says "I applaud with both hands" Quebec independence and promises to be at "all St. Jean [Baptiste] parades."

Ms. Jean's comments are more ambiguous.

Other reports have rumours circulating the grape vine that the G-G's hubby may have suspicions that it was the feds that orchestrated the assination of that minister during the FLQ terrorist crisis in the 70's.

Well Quebec National Socialist seperatists everywhere must be happy.

Martian Global Warming

Apparently the Martian Polar Ice Caps have been shrinking:
"Mars is experiencing global warming, and we don't know why."

This comes via A Voyage To Acturus:
"No one's SUV is on Mars. No evil oil companies raping the environment, no heedless Americans blundering toward disaster, none of the bogeys incessantly invoked by the hectoring, superstitious, fashionable political types back on Earth.
They stopped. But the answer is not on Earth. We have one great thing in common with Mars -- both planets orbit the same star. The only mechanism that could be warming them both is solar forcing. Will the PC crowd, which is scarcely less scientifically illiterate than the red-staters they despise, raise their eyes from the Earth to the real answer?"

Actually, I read a report about a couple years ago, about a researcher that theorized that global warming could be attributed to interstellar radiation. The theory was, as the sun travels through more denser regions of the galaxy, radiation goes up, and the earth warms. He predicted average world temperatures pretty well bang on according to what I read. This result from the Mars Global Surveyor may add extra evidence to that theory.

I'm probably butchering the whole report... I don't have a link to it - so I apologize if I'm just papering over details.

Homolka's Jail Pal

Well this isn't reassuring:
"I think Ms. Homolka must always have restrictions to stay away from children because according to what she said, her fantasies involve pedophilia. I can't say anything more than that. It's adolescents. She likes that and that won't change."
"Sorry, but I don't believe it because she told me herself that she didn't regret it, that she took pleasure in doing it."

Of course this woman could be lying through her teeth about Homolka in some sort of desperate quest for attention. Though I find it unlikely given Homolka's previous comments that have lead many to question whether or not she really is reformed.

I can't understand how the justice system in this country seems to be able to so easily release sex-offenders to the public when there is so much doubt. In these cases, the decision of whether or not to release should err on the side of protecting the public.

If Homolka, or any other sex offender truly felt remorse for what they did, then I would think they to would want to err on the side of protecting the public. I would think that they would want to make sure that they were truly reformed before they could be put in a situation where they could re-offend. Really, I would think that the guilt would make them never want to leave prison in the first place.

I don't see evidence of any of that in Karla Homolka. For Quebequers sake, I'm hoping I'm wrong, because otherwise it means it's only a matter of time before Homolka re-offends.

Demonic Possession or Epilepsy?

More on the movie "The Exorcism of Emily Rose."

It is based on a true story. But the story actually happened in Bavaria, and the girl's name was Anneliese Michel. She was in her early 20's. And she did die as she was exorcised. The priests that performed the exorcism were put on trial for negligence. The priests argued that the possession was real.

There are some differing views:
The ultimate escalation of mythomania is not only telling stories and believing them, but acting them out. There are innumerable historical episodes exemplifying this type of mythomaniacal enactment, with the classic case being "possession." The state of being "possessed" signifies the escalation from being a mythomane to being a "demonopath," a person claiming to be suffering from demonic torments. The demonopath is far from being a passive victim of his or her affliction and was often the active initiator of witch panics, playing an aggressive role in the prosecution of witches.

Also, the demonopath is far from being a historical relic. The case of Anneliese Michel deserves mention, if for no other reason than to demonstrate historical continuity of religio-cultural images.

That was the Freuds and their take on the case. I believe demonic possession's can and do happen - despite what the freuds say. The only question I have is whether or not this girl was truly possessed.

This is just freaky:
Pastor Alt and Father Renz try to save Anneliese from, in the meantime over 6 individuals (Lucifer, Judas Iscariot, Nero, Cain, Hitler and Fleischmann, a disgraced Frankish Priest from the 16th century, and some other "Damned"), which manifested thru her.

I'm guessing that's the same Hitler we all know. I wonder whether he'll appear in the film or not. The interesting thing about all of this is that a full fledged Christian writer is behind the movie. Which probably explains why it hasn't been destroyed in Hollywood anti-religious fanaticalism.

The exciting thing about this movie is it asks the question: are demonic possessions for real? I believe they are. Most people brush it off, saying these people are mentally ill, or have some other explanable decease. But the Church isn't so stupid. In this case, they initially refused to perform the exorcism in favour of conventional treatment first. When that didn't seem to be working, and the required evidence was there, they did what needed to be done.

It puts the question on the table. And that's the important thing. If they really wanted to make money with this thing they would consider marketing it the same way the Passion was marketed. But so far, it's getting little attention.

Ignore the West

Much has been made of a poll suggesting over a third of Western Canadians want to give Confederation the back of their hand.

First we have to keep in mind that the question was worded with so much B.S. mixed in that it would be more befitting a Quebec seperatist than Western one. "Do you believe Western Canada should consider leaving confederation?" What a question. If the question was "Do you believe Western Canada should leave confederation?" the numbers would experience some shrinkage I believe.

Maybe if the ballot question out west was "Do you want the Western Provinces to begin negotiations with the federal government, in council of confederation, with greater control of natural resources, and border issues in mind, for a sovereignty association with the Dominion of Canada..." (etc. etc.) then maybe just maybe they have a shot. Why not follow the guttless Seperatists in the east by confusing the voter at the ballot with big words and phony pre-ambles?

The West won't leave anytime soon. It's too loyal and level headed to do that. Though I bet they aint happy with the rest of Canada. But Canada is all about being perpetually ticked off at the family. The only difference between the grievances of the West and the rest of Canada, is that the West always complains that no one pays attention to their concerns. Meanwhile, in the rest of the country, we see the destructive power of governments when they actually do start paying attention to what our concerns are, and they exploit them and meddle like mad. The Feds paying attention in the east, has made the east weaker.

Ignoring the west has made it strong. The Feds ignorance, in a sense, is a blessing in disguise. By ignoring the West historically, the West has learned to live with what it has, expecting no one to ever help it out. It's bred a culture of individual responsibility, self improvement, and it's become an economic engine for the country. I also quite frankly have the inkling that it may be the more compassionate, and community oriented section of the Dominion to boot.

It's as if a growth of anti-socialism was growing underneath a rock that the Feds never paid attention to. Through a depression, and an oil boom, the West was ignored. It was ignored, and no one meddled with it, and it has become a friggin' polar bear in Canadian Confederation.

I for one say ignore the West. Trust me, if you're a Westerner, you don't want the Feds to start paying attention - or else you start getting stuff like the NEP when they see a cash cow they can slaughter.

A Suprise Hit?

I haven't seen or heard of this movie yet. But I think the timing couldn't be better...

The movie seems to be focusing the concept of demons being everywhere in our lives that can take posession of our souls if we let them... Reminds me of some terrorists lately doesn't it? Talk about playing on today's insecurities...

Let me be the first one to predict that the number of people going to confession after September 9th will spike.

Well see if it makes any money in any event.

"... the stench of misinformed conservatism..."

Now when Canuckistan Chronicles posted about this piece of propaganda from Planned Parenthood I thought it had to be a joke.

I thought wrong.

Besides throwing an abstinence supporter in a garbage can, and blowing up abortion protesters, I really don't know how much more bufoon these clowns can possibly make themselves look. Then they had the senator that is cleansed from "... the stench of misinformed conservatism..."

What I loved, is how they next went to Africa, and talked to a doctor trying to "prevent unwanted pregancies," and reduce the spread of sexual deceases. It's not like the countries that have actually promoted abstinence are the only ones showing tangible results - no that wouldn't be "sexy" only "safe" is "sexy."

Pravda couldn't have done it any better.

Carmack's Throatless Rocket Engine

Via Stupidus, apparently Carmack is building a throatless rocket engine:

John Carmack is working a potentially disruptive technology: A throatless rocket engine. Its made from plain aluminum pipes with few machined fittings. Carmack says: "The great thing about these engines is that it only takes me two nights to machine the parts, so we can test two engines a week if necessary." It scales too: "If this line of tube engine development works out, we can make a 5,000 lbf engine with very little more effort than the test engine.

I'm wondering what the efficiency of a throatless rocket engine is? The deLaval (bell shaped) nozzle is the most common one, and I thought the idea behind an aerospike nozzle was to get a better efficiency... What advantage is gained by not allowing the gases to expand at th nozzle end? I thought the whole point of a an expanding nozzle was to decrease the pressure of the fluid and get the velocities up at the nozzle exit increasing the thrust produced?... Well some more reading I think is required on my part on this one. Either way, this is some cool stuff.

Sponsorsphip Scandal? What Sponsorship Scandal?

OTTAWA -- The appointment of Michaëlle Jean as governor-general is a political "home run" for the Liberals that could ease the anger of ethnic Quebeckers over the sponsorship scandal, predicts Jean-Marc Léger, a leading Montreal-based pollster.

Sure. Appoint a token Quebequer to a token patronage position and Quebequers will just magically forget all the stolen money, all the bribes, all the money in envelopes, all the dirty tricks, and all the lies.

It don't think that's likely.

Tip o' the hat to NealeNews.

The Things That Happen

Wrote an exam in the wee hours of the morning.

From there it was straight into the "dungeon."

Seven hours of dinky simple analysis of a solid rocket propellant side inlet ducted rocket engine later someone woke up.

"Hey, It's raining outside?"

Outside. There's an outside? Another hour goes by.

"An Airbus crash landed in T.O..."

Outside world? He's talking crazy.

I came out of the computer lab and it was dark outside.

They need to drill an air hole down there so we can keep tabs on whether it's day or night. It really is a dungeon.

Gap Fillers?

They have to be kidding me:

Nasa is concerned the dangling material - called gap fillers - could cause part of the shuttle to overheat as it re-enters the atmosphere.
The underside of the shuttle is exposed to the most intense heating during its re-entry to Earth's atmosphere. Protrusions on this otherwise smooth belly could disturb the air flow during re-entry, causing turbulence that raises temperatures on heat shield tiles downstream.

Give me a break. They've landed the Shuttle with this problem before. No failures so far.

The official line is that Engineers don't have any clue about the "aerodynamics" involved... I think physical on site testing should be given the priority when it comes to evidence. In this case the evidence says this is bogus.

A Public Relations strategy? Probably. Though there could be something unique about this situation that's different than previous Shuttle missions that had dangling fillers... Unless I see that different "thing", this is just a space walk for appearances as far as I'm concerned.