So what do you get when you put a Liberal, a socialist and a separatist in a room? A takeover plan of the government of Canada without a single bullet shot.

Here's a brief summary of the events of the past few days:

The government tabled an economic update. The economic update put a plan forward to tighten the government's belt to avoid a deficit. It also suggested eliminating giving welfare to political parties in the form of a national subsidy, along with reducing the pay of civil servants and MPs. The opposition went ballistic at the suggestion that we take away their dole. And they didn't quite like the idea that there wasn't a spending-ourselves-out-of-a-deficit-Keynes-style stimulus.

The opposition then met in secret to hatch a plan to bring down the government. A government just freshly elected. Then they would replace it with a non-elected Liberal-led coalition government. All of this is allowed constitutionally.

Since then the Tory government blinked. They scrapped the plan to get rid of the subsidy and are now talking about some more stimulus.

Now that we all know where we are, let's talk about the sheer irrationality of the opposition on this one.

We are in a recession. Deficits are bad. Debts are bad. A stimulus causes deficits.

And that's the bottom line. The opposition is pushing a coup d'etat so that they can drive the country into deficit and keep their dole going as long as they possibly can.

The opposition is afraid and weak. It's so transparent. If they were really confident about this new "coalition" and their reasons, why not call an election? Why not let the people to ratify this new "coalition"? Why not let the people make a judgment?

No - they wouldn't dare do that. They would lose so badly the Liberal Party would never be able to resurrect itself.

The Liberals are so badly in debt, so underfunded, so unprepared, and so much in turmoil right now that an election right now is not an option.

Not to mention that their reasons for going into an election would be to save welfare for politicians and deficits are good. Somehow I don't Canadians are going to buy that load of baloney.

So they'll just take power the old fashioned way : a Takeover.

Kinsella's Not Back

Kinsella's conversion to the cult of Iggy is foolhearty and ill advised.

Ignatieff is no leader. He has no political experience or quite frankly any experience at all. He's barely even Canadian.

I figure Kinsella's real reason for his change of heart is that he's putting his money with the horse he thinks will win.

The problem is he's wrong.

Deficit At Any Cost

"What we will never do is engineer a surplus at any price, because that price would ultimately be paid by Canadian families..."

So you'd rather push that expense on the children of those Canadian families who one day when they come of age will look at our national debt and wonder "How did it ever get that big?"

Sure - don't deal with the pain now lets just push the pain out so that we don't have to deal with it.

Flaherty should know better.

Save The Cars!

At least that's what Drudge is calling it.

And he hits the nail on the head with that one. Lefties in the US want to save the environment, but not at the expense of saving socialism. Why not let the gas gussling SUV producing automakers fall? If anything having smaller sleeker autos from foreign automakers is the way to go to reduce CO2 emissions. But wait wouldn't that mean that the free market can do something right? That maybe just maybe we don't need a Pelosi or an Obama to plan our lives!

So go ahead Save Socialism! Bush has been helping you out on that note for last few years anyways...

The Clown Show Files Redux II

The Liberals are 2 to 3 million dollars in debt and have raised less money than the 3rd place socialist NDP. All in all only 35,000 people out of a country of 33 million people donated to the Liberal Party between January and September. The Conservatives raised almost four times as much from almost four times the donors over the same period.

I don't care the leader, it will take a long time to turn a rut like that around.