Drumpdrops in the vacuum...

Harper's decided to exert Canadian sovereignty over the Arctic. It's aboot stinkin' time.
"Canada has a choice when it comes to defending our sovereignty in the Arctic; either we use it or we lose it...And make no mistake this government intends to use it. Because Canada's Arctic is central to our identity as a northern nation. It is part of our history and it represents the tremendous potential of our future."

It's also a basic function of the state to defend Canadian terrority against would be aggressors. The former Liberal government's obsession with ignoring foreign ships laying claim to Canadian territory was puzzling to say the least.

It was an embarrassment for the this great country to say the least. One that former Liberal MP Bill Graham tried to rectify in all honesty.

BC's "Liberal" government has posted a record surplus. Just goes to show what happens when you cut taxes, reduce the size of government and get the government out of our lives. At least that was what marked his first term in office that laid the groundwork down for this record surplus.

That is noteworthy since his second term in office has been more characterized by government expansion and meddling:
"In 2006, the budget planned for debt to grow by $1.7 billion to help finance public building projects..."

BC went into debt to fund public projects? Somehow I doubt that money was well spent - it hardly ever is. And with the push to spend government pork on the 2010 Olympics somehow I think it'll only get worse.

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