Kinsella's Not Back

Kinsella's conversion to the cult of Iggy is foolhearty and ill advised.

Ignatieff is no leader. He has no political experience or quite frankly any experience at all. He's barely even Canadian.

I figure Kinsella's real reason for his change of heart is that he's putting his money with the horse he thinks will win.

The problem is he's wrong.


  1. I'm not a Liberal member or an active supporter.

    After three years in Canada and in the Liberal Party, Iggy can be considered an insider now. He better understands the nuances of Canadian society and the Liberal Party. I will guess that he will become the next Liberal leader.

  2. In depth analysis. Must have took all day to come up with that.

  3. What would you rather I blow sunshine up your behind for a 1000 words so I can look smart?

    If you want an ivory tower professor to instruct you how to think you've come to the wrong blog.