Money Grows On Trees

...At least it apparently does according to the Fiberal Party of Canada:
Liberal Member of Parliament Mike Savage told CBC television that premiums would not have to rise, since general tax revenues could be used.

"If more money was needed, it would come out of general revenues," he said. The Conservatives have criticized this idea as violating the concept of the EI program as self-financing.(link)

I wonder what the definition of "general revenues" is to Mr Savage?

To me it means tax payers money. Money which must come from somewhere.

Gee... I wonder where that money will come from? More debt maybe? Or how 'bout some tax increases...

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  1. Wow, that's odd. For 13 years Liberal's took money out of E.I. and put it into general revenues.

    Now they want to do it bass ackwards. Brilliant!