A Liberal gets it right...

In his blog post, St. Pierre argues that centrism is an electoral strategy, not a political philosophy, and that the Liberals should now start listening more closely to the current wisdom of — yes — Preston Manning, founder of the old Reform Party.

Manning uses an iceberg metaphor to describe politics — parties in themselves represent the 10 per cent above the surface, while ideas, movements and activism form the 90 per cent you don’t see.

“I fear the Liberals have become ice cubes — a party for a party’s sake, and an accumulation of people interested in being in a party and implementing a party’s vision,” St. Pierre wrote...(link)

My thoughts exactly.

The Trouble with the Liberals is they'll never see things that way.

They will forever be a party "of the center." A party that hugs onto a political position that shifts with the blowing wind. A party without a base.

A party that stands for nothing (except maybe to get elected).

A party of nothing.