Obama's GE Immeltisms

It's like watching bad car salesman go...
If Washington can agree on anything, it should be this — and it should be now,” the President’s Council on Jobs and Competitiveness said in the report, to be presented to Obama at a meeting in Pittsburgh on Tuesday.(link)
Buy this car now! Limited time offer! If you and your wife can agree on anything agree on this!

The statement just makes no logical sense. It wraps itself in the cloak of "bipartisanship" by emphasizing agreement, yet at the same time holds an ultimatum indicating that the only thing that should be agreed on is this.

That alone presumes that Washington can "agree" on anything. Which further assumes that "agreement" is actually a good thing. Agreement and uniformity of opinion only comes through force - - Anything else is a lollipop land fantasy.

“We never thought there was going to be a silver bullet to create jobs,” Immelt told Reuters in a telephone interview.
Ok, this is the point where the dealer realizes he's overselling... Time to cover your butt - - "Now I'm not saying there is such a thing as the perfect car..."

Gee Immelt, with this much fine-print people may not buy for fear of a hidden "first born child clause."

What we want to offer the president is a very broad set of ideas that can help mo[v]e the economy forward,” he said. “It’s comprehensive and it’s specific.”
(Insert Laughter here). How can it be both "specific" and "broad"... But don't forget it's also "comprehensive..."

Immelt's future as a car salesman is all but assured.