Martin's Secrets

Apparently the Liberals have scammed their way into getting an advance copy of the Gomery report... They will get the report a day ahead of its release giving them 24 hours to develop a response. Meanwhile the other opposition parties will get the report the same time everyonce else does, and will have to come up with a response pretty much on the spot.

It's been speculated lately that the Liberals have been making false leaks to the media about the contents of the report on the sponsorship scandal. Better to start the spinning process now, and crank out the propaganda early and often I suppose... 'Cuz that's all these clowns have left at this point.
One official speculated the government could leak selected tidbits to preferred media outlets to get their spin on the story out hours before the report is public.

Again, that process has already started, even though the report hasn't even been released yet. Not much news here.
Bloc Quebecois Leader Gilles Duceppe said under the current scenario he will only have 45 minutes to go over Gomery's findings before he has to make a public statement.

"It's tougher," Duceppe said. "Why don't we have the same conditions?"

Because having the same conditions would mean the Liberals would have to fight a fair fight. And when it comes to fair fights, the Liberals are... well Liberal. Lately they've been acting more like a Stalinist regime than a mature political party. They ignore clear votes of confidence in the house, change their minds on crucial public policy like missile defense at the last minute, and when all else fails they buy up NDP support like they bribe and corrupt in government.

But the quote of the day must go to that lovable pretty boy Conservative that just loves to brain fart everyonce and a while Peter MacKay:
"They don't sentence people in private first and give prisoners an opportunity to somehow come up with their own excuses before they release that to the public."

When asked if he was concerned that the Liberals would use their extra 12 hours to come up with a way to spin their way out of the controversy, MacKay told reporters, "That would be depended upon how it's spun and how you guys suck it up."

That's like a strong solid punch into the gut of the Liberal media. Peter must be proud. I think his head might be swelling at this very minute.

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  1. I'm not sure if you could say that they were able to scam their way into getting an advance copy of the report. Martin was the one who called the Inquiry which meant that he set up all the rules and how the reports were to be released. It's slimey as hell though.