Socialist Tax Cutters

When the NDP talks about tax cuts you know their has to be one huge honkin' pile of a catch. Howard Hampton's latest foray into tax cutting territory is no surprise.

If you make less than 48k you don't have to pay no stinkin' health tax no more. Hurrah for the recent grads, low skilled workers, and most generally underpaid sector of the economy. Even truck drivers can make up to 60k a year nowadays.

Fear not if you make up to 80k the NDP deems you acceptable to receive a little tax moneys back - although you pay more into the system already.

Above that? Go screw yourself you miserable bourgeoisie capitalist scum -errr- we mean law abiding successful hard working close to retirement professional...

But if you make over 150k you are a horribly greedy evil dude that needs to pay more. And major corporations deserve to pay more taxes, because their so horrible employing people and giving them jobs and such.

I used to love Robin Hood growing up. There was something romantic about someone stealing from the rich, elite, and blue blooded to give to the poor, oppressed and unfairly treated.

In the mind of a dipper that's exactly what their doing. Unfortunately when we talk about people who earn more than 80k a year we aren't talking about self serving morally decripit elites who have got to their positions through nepotism or collusion - we are talking about guys and gals who have succeeded through risk, strife, trial and merit...

If a society tells a more successful person they should pay more they send him the signal that he's a work horse to be used and abused... Kind of reminds me of the Little Red Hen.

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