Sponsorship Ressurection!

The Tories have to have eaten one too many acid laced beaver tails, because Josee is resurrecting the ill fated sponsorship program... You know the one that caused the former Liberal government oh-so-many problems?...

Ok. So the feds need to be involved in certain areas - I'm willing to accept that fact. But do they really need to "support local arts and heritage activities, including cultural festivals and live performances"?

If we don't fund local artsy left wingers, and drunken Rollin' Stones concerts I'm pretty sure the social fabric of Canada won't implode. I remain convinced, that no matter how much governments meddle, the culture and heritage of Canada has is and will forever be determined by Canucks themselves and not some bureaucrat in Ottawa.

Tories in Ottawa should collectively kick themselves in their own arse. This isn't a Conservative policy, and it sure wasn't something clammered for by opposition parties. It negates individual initiative and responsibility when it comes culture and heritage - and for that reason alone it's a bad move in my books.


  1. The Federal government does not have any business funding heritage programs in the provinces. It is a provincial responsibility that they should stay away from.

    Programs such as these are very difficult to manage and has such a great potential for misuse that, in most cases, the political risks associated with administering them outweigh the benefits derived from running them..

  2. This is the best evidence I have seen that pays truth to the allegations that the Harper inner circle is too close, pays too much attention to the mandarins in the public service,is too ready and too willing to accept their advice and has essentially been usurped by the liberal agenda of these supposed neutral public servants.

    This is plain dumb! Why would they even think we wanted this or found this something we wanted the government to get into again!/ It is beyond me. What is it with Tory governments that they find the need to self implode????