Tory Baloney

This from John Not-So-Tory:
"I want to do what's in the party's best interest; it's not about me. In the end I'll find work if they really don't think it's in the best interest of the party to have me lead it," he said, adding he was never "presumptuous enough" to think he would win power the first time out.

Whatever happened to the chant John Tory supporters screamed at the last leadership convention "Four not Eight!"? Furthermore what about previous press reports that stated he intended to stay on?

Maybe John Tory wasn't "presumptuous enough" but obviously many of his supporters were. Furthermore, if he's not retracting his commitment to stay, his communications machine is obviously faltering.

If Tory plans on continuing as Leader of the Flagship Conservative in Ontario he's going to have to do more than just pay lip service to the idea that he made mistakes in the last election.

He tried to make the election about John Tory vs Dalton McGuinty. It failed spectacularly as it did when Ernie Eves tried it and when Paul Martin tried it federally.

Either John Tory, or his right hand people need to get it through there thick skulls that Canadians and for that matter Ontarians vote for a team and policy more than they do a leader.

Tory also has to REALLY accept blame for this electoral loss if he wants to move forward which means recognizing the following:
Tascona said the low turnout in his riding showed Conservatives sat on their hands at a time when the Green Party was pushing hard.

If all you want to do is appeal to the "urban" "moderate" and City-Centric vote while ignoring your base which is primarily in rural Canada you are likely not to get very many of your base energized and many will "sit on their hands."

Listen to your caucus. Listen to your base. Those are key lessons John Tory needs to learn if he has hope of winning in the next election. These displays of false humility just throw gasoline to the fire.

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