Tory Thud

Voting day.

Lo' and behold I have a polling station in the very same building I live in. I wonder how many knuckleheads in this place still managed to make up excuses not to vote...

"I was too busy..." "I have to stay late at work..." "I don't have 5 minutes to spare..."

If it's important to you, you would have found the time. It's just a matter of priorities.

Stop your whining. Stop complaining. Suck it up and do your duty. At the very least do it to honor the millions of people lying dead on unknown battlefields so you could sip your diet-coke and lay back and make up excuses about why you refuse to use your hard fought privilege to vote.

So I went downstairs just a couple hours before the polls closed and stood in a line of precisely zero people to make my mark and vote - or as Robert Heinlein would describe it using "violence" in the form of a vote... Though somehow I doubt my puny vote will violently overthrow anything or anybody this time around.

I wasn't surprised by the lack of people at zero hour. It gave me plenty of time to wonder just what the hell happened this past election.

John Not-So-Tory's campaign literally imploded on itself. McGuilty managed not to loose despite lying to a group of 12 million people over and over.

Dipper leader Howard Hampton, for some odd unconceivable parallel universish reason is doing worse in an electoral field with a Liberal Tory leader, and a Liberal government not looking to be loosing anytime too soon.

NDP voters are afraid of a Tory win NOW? With McGuilty having an 18 point lead?

No really?

That's why Dipper voters are flocking to the Liberals?...

I don't blame Howard Hampton one bit for spazzing out in front of reporters.

As for John Tory's loss I have only one thing to say:

Conservatives elected an "urbanite" "moderate" "tolerant" leader, and his performance may end up being worse than anything federal Conservative firebrand Prime Minister Stephen Harper managed to pull off in Ontario.

I think that maybe, just maybe, that might prescribe some small teeny-weeny tweakings of the reasons why some Conservatives elect leaders...

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  1. People don't care about voting any more than they care about working these days. An honest days work, an honest livelihood are alien concepts to people today. They are stuck in a kind of self-pleasuring stimulus in which the only things important are movies, sports, and recreation. Politics are for other people. Sure they complain about taxes, but in the same petulant way a child complains about eating vegetables.

    Our societal decay is nearly complete.