Harper Should Take Note

Taking advice from certain successful conservative Australian Prime Ministers may have been a good idea in the past, but apparently even Aussie's aren't perfect.
AUSTRALIA’S new prime minister Kevin Rudd will mark his arrival on the international stage by announcing the withdrawal of his country’s combat troops from Iraq and signing the Kyoto treaty on climate change.
Clearly shaken by the scale of the defeat Howard, 68, told demoralised supporters that he may soon retire. “This is a great democracy and I want to wish Mr Rudd well,” Howard said. “We bequeath to him a nation that is stronger and prouder and more prosperous than it was 11½ years ago.”

Among other things on the new liberal Aussie PM's agenda: signing the Kyoto accord, pulling troops out of Iraq, and pulling troops out of Afghanistan.

Good look with implementing Kyoto. My guess it's nice PR for his new government. Implementing an unrealistic protocol that even Canadian Liberals admitted was unworkable in the last few years of the implementation period seems far fetched to say the least.

Pulling out of Iraq? Well who can blame them. The morality of entering into that war was questionable to say the least. Yet Australia was on the bandwagon of that war, and pulling out at this point begs the question just who do you expect to pay for your mistake? Iraqis? Australia was partially responsible for the mess in Iraq, and I would argue that they have a responsibility to stick it through and do right where they made bad judgment calls in the past.

And Afghanistan? You have to be kidding. Does the Aussie PM even remember 9/11? That's why were all collectively in Afghanistan. It's not another Iraq despite whatever the hell any self-obsessed lefty will try to pronounce. If you're looking for a justification for invading Afghanistan look no further than the 3000 people from around the world that died 6 years ago by a terrorist organization supported by the state of what country?... Afghanistan.

That's why we're there. That's why we have to stay. It's either that or future 9/11's are bound to reoccur.


  1. My understanding is Rudd wants to redeploy the troops in Iraq to Afghanistan. So, it isn't quite as dire as you think.

  2. http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/world/asia/article2937052.ece

    "As one of his first acts, Rudd plans to bring home most Australian troops from Iraq and Afghanistan, both deeply unpopular wars."

    If what you're saying is true greg, that line from the Times is a big mistake. I wouldn't put it past them to make such a big mistake.

  3. i dont think harper has to be too worried... the aussies just needed change after almost 12 years with the same government... it will be rather comical, though, to watch this government "implement" the kyoto protocol... harper is in the drivers seat here at home we gotta just keep driving that message home!!