I can only hope...

It would be great if this turned out to be true. Somehow I doubt it:
OTTAWA -- The federal government is keeping quiet about any plans it may have to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Lester B. Pearson's Nobel Peace Prize win, which has critics worried the Tories will ignore the event altogether.
"Pearson is a giant," said Francine Lalonde. "I am Quebecois and sovereigntist, but that doesn't prevent me from considering him to be one of the greatest figures of the century."

To say we live in a Liberal country is an understatement. Pearson was no "Giant."

He is responsible for pushing Canada into the untraditional role of being the "peacekeeper" of the world. In reality peacekeeping is just another word for "occupation." That's what "peacekeepers" do. They move into an area and impose stability or "peace" by force.

If you don't like that concept tough. It's the truth. That's what Canadian soldiers do when they are "peacekeeping." Sometimes it's not always a bad thing when it's justified (like Afghanistan).

In contrast most Canadians figure "peacekeeping" just means to go have some soldiers plant trees and sing with village folk.

The idealistic almost fantastical perceptions we have about modern day "peacekeeping" are mainly due to politicians like Pearson.

He was no giant. He was just another Liberal.

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