Tory or not to Tory?

Lo' and behold John Not-So-Tory was in town last night. The venerable PC party leadership convention is being held in London Ontario - my humble abode as of sometime last year - who cares when.

The Delta Armouries "hotel" is a confusing place. It used to be an "armoury" I'm assuming based on the exterior and it's name. Somewhere along the lines Delta Hotels must have bought it or something.

It looks like a military museum turned into a resort. There's waterfalls. There's fancy carpets. There's see through elevators.

I can just imagine some flight seargants are rolling in their graves.

I managed to catch John Not-So-Tory in the elevator. Not much speech in him. His overall appearance could be summed up in one word: ticked.

Who wouldn't be? His leadership is on the line. And it's a job he'd like to keep.

So in John Toryland, that means it's ok to use his influence on the party apparatus to disqualify delegates in good standing that happen to mostly come from the "Yes let's boot Tory" camp.

Of course He'll deny he's done it. And the party apparatus will deny along with him.

This really should surprise no one. I don't think for a moment that most people in the "yes" camp wouldn't use these tactics if their roles were reversed. Morality becomes pliable for eveyone once they've attained power unless they're particularly adept at fighting temptation.

In the end the "Yes" camp has laid down the gauntlet of legal action.

Great. Six months will go by and then, much later, the courts will deliver justice. By that point the debate over John Tory's leadership will be long done.

The "Yes" camp should smack itself into shape.

If they didn't expect something like this to happen they should have. The thing to do right now is not to complain and worry. The thing to do is to counter the attack.

The real attack here is directed at the momentum of the "Yes" campaign. This move is primarily meant to reduce the number of "yes" delegates surely, but secondarily it's meant to discourage others from even showing up.

The "yes" campaign should be rallying the troops against this with the simple battle cry "They must be worried!"

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