A really bad joke...

Really, this has to be some sort of bad joke:

LONDON, Ont.–John Tory abruptly changed his mind late last night, deciding to stay on as Progressive Conservative party leader less than four hours after telling delegates their 66.9 per cent support might not be enough.

The stunning switch came after Tory was slammed by critics for being indecisive about his future following a leadership review vote and urged by supporters to stay on and make his intentions clear.

Courage? Prudence? Aren't those essential character traits of a leader? John Not-So-Tory seems to lack both.

Look - to be fair the man has positives. He has the work ethic, and the personality ethic that's required of a leader.

But it's precisely the quality that his supporters cling to as being essential for the PC party to win in Ontario that is his ultimate flaw: his uncanny ability to change his mind.

His supporters say he's "open to input."

I think he wants to be friends with everyone.

That doesn't make for a good leader let alone a good Politician.

All the PC Party can do now is salavage whatever's left of John Not-So-Tory's leadership and hope everyone forgets by 2011.

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  1. Well, now we need to suck it up for the greater good. Let's focus on developing some solid policies.