To the Courts!

I've always been the first one to say that the first guy to sue in politics is the first guy to run out of arguments... I guess now I have to eat my own words:
Mr. Harper filed a notice of libel suit Monday against Mr. Dion, two other top members of his caucus and the party. Court documents obtained by CTV and The Globe and Mail say two articles published on the Liberal website were “devastatingly defamatory” to the Prime Minister.

This Cadman circus is a joke. It's only intent is to stir up controversy - because scandals are great for the media. People buy more papers. People watch more news. People will buy that damn "Like A Rock" book now for sure.

In the end the facts are that Cadman said himself before he died that "no offer was made"... ie no bribes by either side.

His wife's comments must be interpreted in that light. There's no rhyme or reason for Chuck Cadman to lie to the public over any of this, and surely no reason to lie to his wife. It's a high probability that an insurance policy offer was made, but it's likely it wasn't made by someone acting on an official capacity by the Conservative Party of Canada, and even more likely it wasn't never serious. That's the only way to reconcile the facts. But hey who cares about the facts anyways!

Scandal! Scandal! Scandal! Sex-er-I mean Scandal!

Bottom line about the suing - this is bogus. It's only intent is to Shut up Dion on this point. The Liberal Party was stupid enough to repeat the comments they are legally capable of making in Parliament outside of parliament.

That's something the Liberals for years dreamed of catching a Conservative doing. They would never have flinched to do the same. And I'm sure some officials in the Conservative Party are justifying this move on that premise.

The problem is just 'cause the other would do it if the tables were reversed, don't make it any righter.

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  1. This whole affair is turning into quite a circus. Let's bring on the Liberals..... er, I meant clowns.