Ban it!

Really, am I the only one that didn't know that clothes lines were banned in Ontario?
Ontario residents can now hang their clothes and linens out to dry after the premier lifted the ban on outdoor clotheslines on Friday.

I never thought Dalton Mcguilty would ever admit that having the government banning things can have unintended consequences (ahum!-guns!).

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  1. Actually, clotheslines were not subject to a general ban in Ontario. There are many municipalities and subdivisions with their own local bans. The new law will prohibit these local bans. Many homes are sold with all sorts of covenants that restrict what future owners can and cannot do with the property they own.

    What I find rather humourous about McGuinty's move, is the guy who seems to want to ban everything else, is actually putting a ban on other people banning things?

    I'm happy to see a step to keeping the government out of our businesses, but I suspect that this is a one-time shot for McGuinty. He's only doing it because it fits in with his 'save the planet from global warming' ideology. As long as it fits with his deluded liberal vision, he'll try to ban anything to control peoples' behaviour.