The emperor has no clothes...

I just watched Ben STEIN's Expelled last in Buffalo because for whatever reason Canuck's don't play Ben Stein movies.

The climax of the movie had to be the final interview with well known atheist neo darwinist Richard Dawkins. In the span of a few minutes he admitted to the possibility of there being a 'designer' from somewhere else in the universe.

Dawkin's just put his foot in his mouth over that whopper.

I was also surprised to see so many neo-darwinist's run away from from the chemical soup plus lighting theory for the creation of the first organic molecule.

Hell, that was the way Star Trek portrayed the beginning of life less than ten years ago. I was aware that lab experiments trying to prove out the theory were not promising but I was surprised to find out that most scientists no longer find the idea credible. That theory, as far as I was concerned, had received widespread acceptance by the media and society.

To me that is a real crisis for the atheist scientific elite which prides itself on supposedly being able to explain everything. Well this is one thing destroys that credibility.

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  1. I haven't seen this specific interview you are talking about, but Dawkins has never denied the possibility of a designer. He didn't put his foot in his mouth, he probably said what he meant to say. Scientists, including Dawkins, always say there are thing they cannot explain. This does not imply you can just put any hunch in its place and say that it is true until proven otherwise, but you should be saying that you do not know.