The Clown Show Files Redux I

Yee haa!!! Another edition of the clown show files has just opened up with Dion's departure.

Martin Couchon: "What I'm doing now is that I'm testing the water, phoning people, a bit like John Manley is doing..."

John Manley:"I'm not jumping off the diving board until I'm pretty sure there's some water in the pool."

Better make sure that the water hasn't been peed in either before either of you make the plunge...

Some initial thoughts:

-The Liberal Party brand needs rebuilding. The type of rebuilding that takes years. If the Liberals are serious about regaining power they have to start thinking about a long decade long trek out of the dark. And they need to start thinking about who has the longevity to do that.

-Where's Iggy or Rae? The silence says something.

-Cauchon, Manley, and Leblanc are the first to start going public with leadership bids or meanderings on bids - all Chretienites. Something tells me the old Chretien loyalists are brimming for a fight.

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