Incremental Change

These election results come bring one thought to mind: incremental change.

That was the motto of the Harper Conservatives three years ago. That was even Harper's motto when he was Canadian Alliance leader.

The basic idea is that a country doesn't change opinions overnight unless something drastic and temporary happens. If you want something substantial and permanent in terms of electoral results you need to change hearts. Changing hearts takes time. It doesn't happen overnight.

So for years the Harperites took time slowly planning every next election.

And tonight you see the beginning results.

All it takes is a quick look at the last 3 elections to see where this is going:

2006 124 103 29 51
2004 99 135 19 54
2003 73* 161 19 44
*Reflects combined PC + Canadian Alliance seats

Tonight the Conservatives are hovering around 140 seats. 155 is not too far away.

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