Top Ten 2009 Predictions

1. Stephen Harper will still be Prime Minister. He may have a brief Trudeauesque "walk in the snow" brought in by temporary power grab by the opposition but it will be brief.

2. Micheal Ignatieff will be turfed as Liberal leader. He has precisely zero political experience and has spent more of his recent life outside of the country than in. There were plenty of more qualified and experienced candidates that didn't offer themselves for the job in the Liberal caucus. I wonder why. He's oversold and he'll tumble before the year is up.

3. There will be an election. It will be nasty and the end result will be a conservative majority. The coalition was a disastrous political move on the behalf of the opposition that has been widely unpopular with the Canadian Electorate. Canadians aren't going to forget how easily the Dippers and Grits cozied up to the separatists. Couple this situation with a weak Liberal Leader, and Liberal Party apparatus in taters and you wonder what the Liberals could do to salvage this situation.

4. The Liberal Party will be in debt and will still lag behind other major parties in individual donations. They've done nothing to change the underlying problems that make them an intensely unpopular party to mainstream "Tim Hortons" Canadians.

5. Some sort of Carbon restrictions will be put in place in both Canada and the US. The economy will continue it's downward spiral as a result.

6. Deflation and more Deflation.

7. Work on the ISS will get accelerated. Obamaeconomics calls for injections of government cash into the economy - what better than more welfare for space nerds?

8. There will be one automaker in bankruptcy or in a formal merger by the end of the year despite the bailout.

9. We will find out where all that money from all these bailout packages of banks and automakers really went. People will be disgusted at the opportunists that took advantage of the system and how little accountability governments had for their money. Already half of the bank bailout package has been spent in the US and only now supervisory body is being set to monitor where this money is going.

10. Some sort of domestic or foreign terrorist attack will happen in the US. I don't want to say this but the time is ripe for it.

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