Who's PM again?

You'd swear that Iggy and the Liberal Party has just moved into the PMO:
"I think what they're trying to do is set the table for at least the Liberal party to say, 'we can hold our nose and pass (the budget).'"

The real question in my mind is whether grassroots conservatives will be able to hold their noses and support a budget that calls for a 34 billion dollar deficit.

I can only hope that the budget won't be as socialist as they've been hinting.


  1. I won't be supporting this party anymore, and I encourage any fiscal conservative to do the same. At a certain point we must stand up for our principles even if Stephen Harper will not.

  2. Anonymous12:59 AM

    Harper has lost his way. He is weak and inexperienced and now it is costing him. He does not remember that he is a conservative. He has forgotten how to bully the Liberals. He's done like dinner.