Big City mayors are concerned:
Canada's big cities are sounding a national alarm that Ottawa is moving so slowly on spending infrastructure stimulus dollars that projects meant to cushion the blow of the recession will likely not start until next summer – when the downturn is expected to be over.(link)

If we can't get the money out time I'll start doing cart wheels.

This so-called "stimulus" spending is the result of nothing more than shear untamed panic. Nothing could be better if the government couldn't spend it.

No reasonable Canadian, after getting laid off, in a bad economy, would start spending more money that he/she didn't have.

I don't think governments should behave any differently.

Let Big City mayors pay for their own roads.


  1. I have been hoping the stimulus money would never be spent.

  2. The mayor of Windsor,ON. wants to only enrich his buddies with the stimulus money.

  3. Well, get the plans together and fill out the forms. This is not a strawberry picnic! If it was not thought of and costed by 2008, it was probably not mission critical.

  4. Did the Mayors' Premiers approve their project?
    As I understand it, the Province decides which programs get the bucks, target the hardest hit areas, no doubt.
    Maybe the Mayors' projects don't create enough jobs and aren't getting stimulus funding for that reason.

    PMSH said as soon as the recession is over, the stimulus stops rolling out.
    The next supply day is June 15, maybe (fingers crossed) the gov will cancel those funds because too much stimulus will produce inflation!