The Club for Governors Who Cheat

Mark Sanford apparently is a member:"South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford has admitted to having an extramarital affair..."

Now every playboy and wannabe playgirl out there that justifies their own promiscuity in the name of convenience believing that fidelity and monogamy are "impossible" will have another huge poster child. They'll say that living with one person their whole lives to exclusion of all others is "just talk." Even those that preach it can't live it.

To add to the damage Governor Sanford has done, no one is talking about the issue that he was championing anymore - rejecting the concept of a stimulus.

The harm that world wide massive government spending will do this world will be felt for decades. Mr Sanford was one of the few that seemed to buck the trend and fight against the sound of "one hand clapping" in the global world.

Unfortunately Mr Sanford apparently was dishonest for at least year when he talked about "family values." It's unclear how dishonest he was with anything else.

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  1. Anonymous9:10 PM

    What is up with these holier than thou conservatives that rant then cheat? Family values to them is just a hook to attrcat conservative voters to vote for them. Sadly, the politicians do not believe it. We've been had. Again.