The Iggy Tax

Close your eyes.  Take a deep breath.  Imagine this situation:  

Massive financial and economic crisis.  Government steps in and bails out a number of large corporations.  Under the gun, the state moves to inject a huge monetary stimulus into the economy.  Government is spending like drunken medicinal marijuana smoking Dippers.  Birth rates are dangerously low.  Populations are aging at a rapid pace as the average age increases and increases.  Soaring health care costs continue to hammer government coffers.

You know what sounds like a great idea?  Let's raise taxes and expand our already generous unsustainable health care system.  Who cares about the long term anyways - hell we're all dead in the long term!  Burn baby burn!...

I don't know what math they teach you down in Harvard, but the Puffster's arithmetic needs a double check.