That Tricky Senate

The cry babies on the left are whining their little plump urban elite behinds out.  Their climate change bill got the Senatorial treatment - the thing got killed like a Senate reform bill.

Now those oh-so-much-smarter-than-the-rest-of-us "progressives" have suddenly woken up and realized that the Senate is being - gasp ! - UNDEMOCRATIC.

Well gee now, that seems peculiar.  It's filled with bozos who have never had to once face a ballot box, or canvass a poll.  None of them can get fired.  The PM appointed them.  They can do whatever they want without any consequences.  Yep that sounds pretty undemocratic to me.

So does that mean that the Laytonators out there are now suddenly going to be converted to the Senate reform bandwagon?  Will they finally give up this silly stalling tactic of pushing for a "PR Senate" and nothing else?

They liked the "undemocracy" of the Senate when it suited their ends for the past 30 years of liberal governments... How can the people that blocked Harper's senate reform now turn around and decry him giving up and using the Senate exactly the way he didn't want to in the first place?

When you're on the Road to Damascus, just when do you start to realize the stupidity of your previous actions?