Harper's Laurier Style Compromise

The dream of reviving les Nordiques as a proud Canadian NHL franchise is taking a big step forward as Quebec City and the government of Quebec will split the cost of a new arena 50-50, cutting out the federal Tories in a region where they hold six seats.


The party has carved out a small base of support in the region under Prime Minister Stephen Harper but polls show that could shrink considerably if Ottawa refuses to fund the arena.(link)
I find that highly unlikely. If anything this couldn't have worked out better for the federal Tories.

The arena will be built - which means there's no blame on Harper for not coughing up the cash. That was, in my opinion, the real concern in Quebec.

I think, if anything, Laurier would approve. Harper has chosen a solution which in the end will satisfy neither French or English Canada: don't fund anyone's sports stadiums...