When you have no new ideas...

You attack things that no one cares about:
Michael Ignatieff’s Liberals are ignoring the Tory edict requiring the government of Canada to be referred to as the “Harper government.”

In fact, they’ve launched a little re-branding exercise of their own and are now calling the government the “Conservative regime” or even the “Harper regime.” (link)


Do you not remember the "Paul Martin Government."

Isn't there something better you can come up with?...

Look - putting away my partisan chapeaux for a second, what kind of messed up strategy is this from the Liberal Party? First it was "Are you better off than five years ago." Then it was "National Day Care." And just this past weekend it was all about "Education."

The Liberal message seems to change day by day. In all honesty, just what are they thinking? What is the message? And can anyone stick to it long enough for it to have a chance to resonate?

The only thing I can come up with is that they've done some sort of internal polling that has them convinced that the average Canuck gives half a beaver about this.

That seems doubtful to me.

Is there really that little happening in parliament that this is the most pressing issue?