The Squeaky Wheel in Wisconsin

Unions are an interesting lot.

From what I can see they almost seem to thrive off of blackmail. Blackmail, or maybe the insane ability to hold hostage society to a set of demands that never seem to go down.

I realize it probably wasn't always so. There was a probably a time where unions were very much a force of good. A union once even played a role in bringing down Soviet Russia. But that was a different time.

Right now unions, or should I be more specific, PUBLIC sector unions across western civilization have managed to get the mother load. Ever increasing benefits and compensation well above their private-sector brothers and sisters without change during recessions.

Don't like it? We'll protest. We'll take to the streets. We'll shut you down. And we don't care if you like it or not. This is our right and we will take you down if you disagree.

The problem is this isn't Egypt. Governor Walker is not Adolf Hitler. He hasn't outlawed any parties. He hasn't killed anyone. He hasn't done a damn thing so far except propose the unthinkable: curb public sector union power.

I'm the type of guy that gets annoyed in life when I see people who complain excessively for ridiculous things getting what they want. The show Party Mama drives me nuts. The whole show is filled with women who can't seem to understand that there are constraints in this world.

No ma'am I can't do that. No ma'am the hall isn't available then. No Ma'am we can't meet that deadline. "No" it's not something that these "Party Mama's" tend to accept as an answer. Personal relationships be damned - I want my party my way! They spend the entire episode refusing to accept reality - and what's worse it seems that the people around them perpetually bail them out.

Why? The Squeaky Wheel Gets the Grease.

It sounds bad, but it's true. Whiners get a lot in this world - over the short term.

Over the long term whiners get ignored. Because if you're the kid that always cried wolf... We know the rest of the story.

As I see it public sector unions in Wisconsin are whining. They refuse to accept reality. The state is broke. The government elected by the people was elected on a very specific mandate.

They could have sucked it up. They could accepted defeat as a lesson learned. They couldn't convince the people. The people didn't get it. Insert whatever excuse you want here.

Instead they said to hell with the people. The Squeaky Wheel gets the grease. Protest, Protest, and more protest. If we squeak enough we'll get what we want.

Over the short term...