CBC: Nothing To Hide

A motion to call the corporation to testify before MPs was the first item of business this fall for the Tories on the access-to-information, privacy and ethics committee. It is expected to discuss Tuesday which witnesses to call.

The CBC is scheduled to present arguments before the Federal Court of Appeals on Oct. 18 about why the information commissioner should not be allowed to view certain records.(link)

What are they afraid of?

That well find out that Strombo smells? (Come one we all suspect it).

That the Mansbridge is actually a robot that the CBC built and designed to be a super-duper-Anchor during the Cold War?

That Lisa LaFlame is secretly a fairy princess (Oops! Wrong network).

Oh wait, I forgot, this was all explained in the latest Conservative Hidden Agenda Memo (TM): this is all a conspiracy by Harper to find out how the next episode of Murdoch Mysteries ends... That sly snake PM of ours...