Saudi Canada

I'm sure Ezra Levant didn't intent on it, but one of the curious unintented consequences of the Ethical Oil Ads, and their subsequent censure by CTV at the behest of the Saudis, has been to expose just how much influence the Kingdom of Saudia Arabia has in this country.

The fact that the Saudi's even care about their portrayal in Canuckland speaks volumes in itself, let alone the relative ease that the ads were pulled, shows some terrifying truths about the moral and (ironically) the ethical decay prevalent in this country.

Canada is definitely a more ethical country than Saudia Arabia (Despite what some CTV reporters seem to believe). But when our own media can't seem to stand up for our basic right to freedom of speech it definitely shows that our own historical ethicality is only half embraced by by our national elites. Can't fight the Saudi's - Lawsuits are too expensive. Notions of journalistic integrity are considered expedient by these Ivory Tower Newsmen.

What's worse is that these members of the "media party" have shown a willingness to take on lawsuits when it suits them. Damian Goddard was recently fired by the CTV child Sportsnet for merely expressing support for the traditional definition of marriage. Obviously his bosses were not concerned about the costs associated with any future lawsuits from Damian. Again the concept of freedom of speech seems to lost on the Saudi dominated Media Party.

Damian's lawsuit is pending, but obviously in this case the network in question decided that a potential lawsuit was worth the cost.

If anything the Ethical Oil ads have shown clearly that the Saudi way of doing things - oppresion, fear, and bullying - are rapidally finding a home in Canada.

That is to say if networks like the CTV and Sportsnet have any say in it.

It's a Saudi-Canada from now on.