The High Frontier

Just watched Ticky Fullerton's "The High Frontier" originally broadcast last year. They were re-broadcasting this past weekend to my delight.

Some first thoughts: I love Jim Benson, there are some real marxist space analysists, stop calling project prometheus a "nuclear powered rocket" because it aint, and Richard Branson really chooses his words very carefully.

Less Bush bashing and more sound reasoned space discussion please.

Benson's claim about satellites literally being able to read the newspaper over your shoulder makes me wonder a bit how much of this is exageration.

We can be reasonably sure that military satellite resolutions are under 6 inches, but it'll be interesting to see the day when satellites imagery becomes the new paporatzi.

And yes I'm late into "The High Frontier" - it being a year old already. But back then I was in school and neat stuff like this took second place to calculating the cycle life of metal parts and trying to solve heat exchanger problems and the like - all neat too when you aren't under the gun of being marked.

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