A Principled Government, A Principled Leader

That should be the refrain of Harper Tories from this day forward. As of today Harper has managed to do the unthinkable: pass a bill through the Liberal senate. The Federal Accountability Act is now law. Dion, Duceppe, and Layton are now facing a Prime Minister with accomplisments.

To make matters worse for the opposition, Harper's decided what his next battle will be: Senate Reform. Harper's cut the GST, he's cleaned up government, and if he has any say in it he will reform the senate.

Not bad for a minority government. Especially with one with no natural allies.

None of this implies future electoral success for Harper. Accomplishments in the political arena hardly ever materialise into votes on their own. That being said, even if Harper were to loose office tommorow, he will still leave with a greater legacy than Jean Chretien, Paul Martin or dare I say Joe Clark...

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