The True Meaning of Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas and I kept on reading Xmas posts and realized “Tis the season to make blog post about Christmas.” So onward we go into something or another…

Tommorow we will gorging ourselves on Turkey, Stuffing, Booze, Carbs, Bread, Buttery delights, Sugary baking, Not so Sugary “healthy” baking so we can all watch our weight, candy, sleepy gravy, cranberry everythings, pies of every shape and flavor, wine that doesn’t qualify as booze, corn, and some more turkey in a fest of gluttony that we will complain about and regret for weeks afterward.

It’s also the season of stress. Because our love is directly measured in the afterlife by the quality and quantity of gifts that we buy now. People are entitled to gifts afterall. Haven’t you heard? The new commandment is: “thou shoult buy a gift of value no less than the brand name value of a similar item but not a reduced price.”

Santa even buys into that one. I’m not talking of course of the pious priest that became a bishop because of courage oh no! And surely not the one that was probably present at the first council of bishops ever that was instrumental in taking out the Arian heresy. And surely not the one that was renown as a patron saint of sailors – especially ones that would go on to spread his name to Anglo-Saxxons and then on to the New World. I’m talking about the make believe Santa we tell children will magically appear on a sleigh with flying reindeer to all give us the gifts that we are all entitled to.

Tis the season where Christians of good faith will rail against the evils of capitalism, and blame it for all the very many sins against Christmas. Meanwhile it’s the most “socially conscious” people that tend to be the most materialistic, it’s those that believe in material equality that stress it when it comes to gift giving, and it’s lovable socialist liberation theologians that will be the first to justify whole manners of dictatorships in the name of the “common good.”

Tis the season where we all forget what this whole jumble of insanity was meant to be...

A child is born this day. A child that would die to give us perfect freedom.

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