Carbon Tax

Well it happened.

A Canadian province has imposed a so-called "carbon tax."

So... I guess the fight against global climate change is going to be used as a weapon of choice for statism, government meddling, and the use of the coercive force of the state... Who would have figured?
"Quebec will implement Canada's first carbon tax in October, collecting just under one cent a litre from petroleum companies in the province, which will raise about $200 million a year to pay for energy-saving initiatives such as improvements to public transit."
I'll give these socialists credit: they're actually doing something to reduce CO2 emissions. Unlike most governments that have merely played lip service to the problem and done nothing this measure has a real shot at reducing CO2 emissions. The economy could potentially not grow as fast. Lower growth

However if the money the government uses from the carbon tax is used on CO2 emitting projects, even if they are under the guise of being "CO2 cutting" projects, ironically CO2 emissions will continue to rise.
"Natural Resources Minister Claude Béchard said Wednesday he hopes the petroleum industry will pay the tax without passing on the cost to drivers when they fill up their cars at the pump."
Fat chance of that happening. Raising costs raises prices. There aint no such thing as a free lunch. The money has to come from somewhere.
"We all have a responsibility. Every Quebecer has a responsibility. It's important for every Quebecer. So I hope that all those companies will have the same sincerity that we have, that Quebecers have," Béchard said.
Every Quebecer has a responsibility.

Just not me.

Let the oil companies take care of it. They're the guilty ones.

Every single individual Quebecer has a responsibility.

We just don't want to do anything.

No - everyone has a responsibility to fight global warming.

Just not me.

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