Money Hungry McDonald

Apparently Conversative Atlantic Premiers are just as socialist as west coast NDP Premiers when it comes to equalization. Case in Point: Novia Scotian Conservative Premier McDonald's latest spaz.

Sure Harper didn't keep his promise on offshore oil revenues. And yes he turfed out an MP over reasons I can't agree with. Trust me I sympathize. I am greatly dissapointed by the actions of the government on this file.

But none of this changes the fact that this whole debate is centered around a bunch of greedy money grabbing politicians that can't get their hands enough on other peoples money.

They're so greedy that as soon as they're rolling in oil money and don't need support they scream at the slightest sign of them being cut off from the drug they can't enough of: equalization cash.

The new deal promises more money for Atlantic Canada, it allows for the exclusion of non-renewable resources from the equalization formula, and it even gives provinces the option to continue under the current formula if they so choose.

In other words, it's more cash for a bunch of provinces that probably don't need it anymore than Quebec ever did.

The real people raising their voices at this point shouldn't be Premier Danny Williams or McDonald: it should be Atlantic Canadians. Their politicians have scuttled their wealth, destroyed their sense of independence, refused to face the problems they themselves have created in Eastern Canada, and then they turn around and demand more money as if it's a right from the rest of the country to fix it.

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  1. Saskatchewan, Newfoundland/Labrador and Nova Scotia shouldn't get equalization payments if they're bringing in enough energy revenues to be considered a "have" province - just like Alberta.

    That being said, they're not keeping 100% of their energy revenues so that in itself justifies the federal transfer payments. If Harper were to uphold the Atlantic Accord and stop clawing back Saskatchewans oil revenues, then the provinces would have their back to the wall and would not be able to justify recieving equalization payments.

    They want to keep their own money, not get handouts from the Feds. Honour the Atlantic Accord - stop clawing back energy revenues!