My War against the "War against the War"...

Oppose the Afghan war? What better way to express it than to harrass soldier's families, protest their actions before they leave the country, and better yet refuse to stand in a sign of respect to the life of service they've chosen.

The concept of "chosing your battles" is pretty much lost on these people:

"When we found out there was a military parade, we decided it would be a good opportunity to show the population, the military and politicians the opposition to this mission," Maxim Fortin, a spokesman for the War on War Coalition, told The Canadian Press.

On Thursday, more than 2,000 soldiers from Quebec's CFB Valcartier gathered in Montreal to hold a tailgate party and watch the Alouettes play against the Toronto Argonauts.
And when members of the Royal 22nd Regiment attended the national assembly on Wednesday, a shouting match erupted when some Parti Quebecois members refused to stand and applaud them.

Opposing the Afghan War should be your right, yet showing respect for those that fight to represent you should be the norm in society.

Those opposed to this war would be well to consider how these actions appear to others: petty.

Showing resistance means resisting acts of agression - not willfully disrepecting members of the armed forces. These people are putting their lives on the line for the state who is supposed to represent the people.

Standing in honour of such a sacrifice is such a small thing to do. Not harrassing soldiers near to deployment is another act of courtesy.

Although I support the Afghan War, I never supported the War in Iraq. I oppossed it because I don't believe in spreading liberty by the point of a bayonet, and I didn't believe Iraq was a real threat to Canada or the US. Yet I could never bring myself to an Anti-War rally.

Why? Because the Anti-War movement was obsessed with similar tactics such as these that I could never bring myself to do. That's why the Anti-War movement failed, and that's why the "War against the War" will also fail.

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