Canuck Reporters Boo-Hoo

Taber on Harper kicking out reporters from the hotel lobby where the caucus retreat was being held:
"We were kicked out, then when I came back in to use the washroom, I was followed out by a little Delta hotel employee just to make sure that I got out," Taber said.

"It was unbelievable -- at a caucus meeting retreat such as this -- that we would not be allowed to stand in a hotel lobby and talk to MPs and cabinet ministers. The Tories are very suspicious of us."

No really? Harper, a Conservative in Canada, suspicious of the media? Why, because it couldn't be that the media is horribly biased against Conservatives in this country....

...could it?

Let me remind everyone that this is the same Canadian media that managed to inject the abortion issue into more than one Conservative campaign - and it has been admitted as much by people in the Canadian media establishment.

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