Politics Makes Strange Bedfellows...

On the eve of Duceppe making his ultimatum on an Afghan pull-out by 2009, Ontario Liberal Premier Dalton McGuinty and Quebec Premier Jean Charest show signs of support for the mission.

Alright McGuinty didn't actually support the mission, but his expression of support for the troops is nonetheless timely. It's presented a strange situation where both and left seem to have mashed together over this issue when most opinion polls show the Afghan mission to be the Canadian version of the War in Iraq - except for the whole pesky WMD thing.

And that's the kicker here: where the heck was this oppo to the War in Afghanistan when Jean Chretien was in power?

It was nowhere to be found, because it was Liberals behind the war. Now that it's Harper Conservatives the whole concept of the justification of the war is now being brought into question.

No matter what the polls say, and no matter what Duceppe or Layton meanders two things make the war in Afghanistan a war worthy of fighting:

1) 28 Canadians died in 911. That attack had to have a response. That response had to involve seeking justice - which means working to prevent a similar attack from happening in the future. That's why were there fighting Alqeda and the Taleban.

2) If we don't do the fighting who will? That's the one question no one wants to answer. More over by what kind of logic do we figure that by passing the buck on Afghanistan to other nations that have been less than committed to the mission, that somehow this going to solve the situation?

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