"...eminently qualified..."

On the eve of a Canadian astronaut breaking a Canadian record for space walking, this ball of horse manure gets spewed:
Prof. Chris Herd of the University of Alberta's earth and atmospheric sciences department said the fact that astronauts like Hadfield and Williams are carrying out construction and repair work in space shows how incredibly flexible and eminently qualified they must be. And with a major contribution of Canadian technology and manpower, he believes today's mission launch is something all Canadians can be proud of.

What a crock.

Just a while ago we found out Astronauts have gone up drunk in the past. Astronauts, we now know, can have serious mental issues and yet still make good astronauts.

Could it be that the reason why the criteria for entry into NASA's Astronaut Corps. is set high only because 1000 people apply every year? Does the emperor really have no clothes?

Let me tell you, I figure the emperor is not only naked, but fat, and hairless too.

Oh wait it gets better. The Astronaut in question had this to say:
"This is a tremendous opportunity for Canada, and it's a tremendous opportunity to participate as a Canadian," he said in a recent interview at the Johnson Space Center in Houston.

What he really means is that this is a tremendous opportunity for himself, and it's a tremendous opportunity to fulfill a lifelong dream.

Let's not be ridiculous about this. That's the real reason why people become astronauts: self interest. Some justify it by claiming it's in the best interests of all mankind because of the great science their doing.

Unfortunately the last real evidence that anything that came out of NASA has spurred innovation and development in the real world has been lacking in NASA since the Apollo days. Most of the great work that is done in space science comes from JPL nowadays anyway.

A really good reason to become an astronaut though is to be one to try to spur development of space systems to the point where everyone can go - Not some elitist group of NASA designated blow dried suck ups.

Enter Dennis Tito, and Ansari, exit Hadfield and Bondar. Space tourism, or some variant of it, is the only way to get humanity into space in my opinion.

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