Feels Good Not To Be Alone

Apparently I'm not the only one that feels depressed about the federal budget:
"I do think there is a problem among Conservative core supporters...I think many of them they don't like the budget and I guess I would believe that Mr. Harper has to do some things to reassure these people that his direction is still fundamentally Conservative."

Though flanagan has an interesting suggestion:

"I think this is a done deal, it can't be undone," he said, referring to the contentious budget.

"So that's why I'm suggesting Mr. Harper has to move on to other policies, perhaps outside the budget, things like criminal justice where he can make some accomplishments that the Conservative core supporters will appreciate."

Like senate reform? Same sex marriage? Choice in healthcare?

The path to power seems to have lead to a lot of compromises.


  1. You're not alone. The party sycophants, the ones who will never surrender their allegiance to the blue, even though it morphs into an NDP, you can't sway these people.

    But principled, ideological, base supporters will no doubt continue to be upset by this budget for a long time.

  2. Please be fair. PMSHs accomplishments are 20 times longer than these disappointments.
    This conservative government has effected many changes that had the Liberals pulling their hair out.

    Military spending, Crime Bills, cutting off funding to Liberal Special Interest groups, changing Immigration rules, taking a clear position on Foriegn Affairs...it's a long list, lest we forget.

    Nobody knows what lies ahead.
    Oil could go back over $70,
    and we're out of this mess before the budget money is spent!

  3. I think Harper has dealt (fiscal) conservatism) and the idea of small government a fatal blow.