Power Grab

The EU wants to expand financial regulations like nuts. Apparently the global financial crisis proves that the financial sector can't make decisions for itself. Big Old Benevolent Goverment has gotta step in to save us all from ourselves.

Socialists everywhere must be popping open new bottles of champagne because somewhere in that mess this little line item got slipped in to the mess of proposals:
'Other key points agreed to Sunday included adopting a “sanctions mechanism” to penalize tax havens ...'

Sanctions? Against Tax Havens?

Wow. That special treatment is usually reserved for bad guys that smell bad and have committed a genocide or two.

But I guess to those champagne socialists out there jurisdictions that decide to tax people low are the moral equivalents to Iran, North Korea, Sudan...

The way this world is going right now, I'm starting to wonder if I'm going to wake up tomorrow morning and snap to attention while the Internationale is played.

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